XM Radio - Sirius/XM Radio Activation Fee

Posted on Thursday, February 4th, 2010 at 5:09pm CST by 6ea4a85b

Product: Onyx

Company: XM Radio

Location: 1150 Eckington Place Northeast
Washington, DC, 20002, US

URL: http://www.xmradio.com/

Category: Other

I called XM Radio due to a charge they placed on my account for a radio that came pre-activated. I called between Jan 12-14th. I spoke with a young woman who was extremely nice and advised me the charge for the service and activation totaling $41.96 would be credited back to my account. I was told that there were quite a few complaints about the fees and that the explanation wasn't clear. For my inconvenience they were not going to charge me the early termination fee of $75.00

I continually checked my account and realized that they did not credit my account back. I called back today Feb 4, 2010 and was told that they do not credit back the activation charges and since it wasn't in the notes they were not going to credit the account back the $14.99 fee. I explained that my original conversatin when I purchased the radio covered that there would be no fees associated until I installed the radio and called back for activation and that is why I called for a refund. Yvette, while polite, refused to listen to reason and sounded like an automaton. I have reviewed the reciept for the purchase of the radio and it only included the shipping charges and nothing stipulated any further fees regarding the radio.


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