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Posted on Thursday, February 4th, 2010 at 9:54am CST by 3e0addbc

Company: DEK Consulting

Location: Mayfield, KY, US


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DEK Consulting and David Andrews ripped me off for $1200.00 He agreed to do some programming work for my website. Before I paid him, he agreed to a list of functionality. After I submitted the payment, he claimed some of the functions could not be done, even though other websites, including the one I gave him as an example, had the functions with no problem. Then, when he incompetently attempted to do the work he felt like doing, he destroyed the main functionality of my website! He made live changes on the site without having enough sense to test them. I had to go in and test the site myself, would find it creating error messages or getting stuck, and would contact him. A little later he would claim it was fixed (without testing it) and I would go back to find nothing had changed. Meanwhile, customers visiting the site got error messages, or filled out forms which lost their personal information. I lost over 24 hours in revenue due to his bumbling, non-professional work. After putting up with a series of lies, and then having my phone calls and emails ignored, I requested my money be refunded. He refused, stating the money was gone because he spent it! Now, I am out $1200.00, lost a great deal of money and respect of my customers, and had to spend hours repairing the damage he did to the website just to get it back to the way it was before he got his hands on it. I suggest that if you have an ecommerce business, you steer clear of DEK Consulting, http://dekconsultingcom and David Andrews. You could get scammed and ripped off!

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69b54848, 2010-03-01, 10:22AM CST


Visa apparently agreed that DEK Consulting at was fraudulent because they reversed the $1200.00 credit card charge.

Then, I contracted with a COMPETENT programmer who completed the work quickly, efficiently, and smoothly without any problems, including the functions that David Andrews at DEK Consulting claimed were not possible.

Total Cost? = $175

Proof positive that DEK Consulting, and David Andrews should be avoided at all costs...

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