Apple Inc. - Apple iPhone Charging Cord Defect

Posted on Thursday, February 4th, 2010 at 8:55am CST by af466415

Product: Apple iPhone 3G

Company: Apple Inc.

Location: Unlisted on website California, USA
Unknown, Ca, Unknown, US


Category: Other

I loved Apple....until now. I have had my iPhone and ipod both for about a year. I noticed the other day that the white charging cord that comes with each device had a defect. The rubber which encases the cord's electrical wire was tearing and seperating from the USB plug on one cord and the plug that is inserted into the Apple device on the other cord. The bare wire is exposed!! I called Apple and told that it was not an fire hazard. Yeah right! They told me to go to the local Apple Store to exchange it. I went to the Apple store and they told me that they would order me a new cord and that it would take a few weeks!! Although they had a display of 30 cords in the store, they couldn't give me one because they were "sellable". What does that mean? If I took a gallon of milk back to the store because it was sour, would it be acceptable to turn the customer away and say that they would call me when they had received more milk in when there was a whole friggin' case of it in the store?!?! The charging plugs are a clear product design defect that should be addressed. The customers who have experienced this issue should not be given the run around and should get a replacement IMMEDIATELY. Why risk the exposure and bad press if one of these cords starts a fire or causes a death? I was going to buy a Mac Book Pro I'm going to have to reconsider!!


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