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In October 2009 I called to pay my AT&T bill and they asked me if I would be interested in Direct TV, I had actually been looking into getting cable or satellite so it was very helpful information. It sounded like a great deal since they had a 12 month period where you could have a discounted rate. It was a 24 month contract so that meant half the time was at a very special rate. After speaking with the Direct TV rep, I told her I needed to think about it and I would give her a call back. I tried getting her directly but she was on another call so I left a message. Her supervisor called me back 10 minutes later and said she was leaving for the day and that he would set everything up for me. I was told by the woman and her supervisor that my bill would be bundled with my AT&T bill and I would receive a discounted rate for that and the 12 month discount. When signing up I was told it would be $29 to sign up and thats all you needed to do for them to come out and set up your satellite. The supervisor set up my account and when I asked about the 12 month discount he said that I would need to go online and turn in the information for a rebate. He suggested I do this ASAP seeming as it takes 8-10 weeks for the rebate to go through. Immediately after setting everything up with him I went online set up my rebate and received two confirmation numbers that it had gone through and would be processed accordingly.

Two days later a man came to set up my satellite and charged me another $75 that I was unaware that I would have to pay. I was never told of an extra charge that I would need to pay the day of the installation. The other strange part is that I was to make the check out to the man personally not to Direct TV. I wanted to check the legitimacy of this so I called Direct TV just to make sure it was legit and they said it was due to the contractor having to by materials. I was reimbursing him for those materials. I found it strange that I would pay him and not Direct TV. I would think I would pay Direct TV and they would reimburse him. I also thought it was strange that I was not made aware of these possible charges when signing up.

My first bill came for my first month with Direct TV and my rebate did not show up on my bill. I called Direct TV and was told it takes 8-10 weeks to go through and that it should be on my next bill. My bill also was not bundled with my AT&T bill which I was told it would be. When I asked them about that they said it may not be bundled until the first of the year. When my second bill came again it was the same thing, there was not a rebate deducted from my total amount due and again it was not bundled. Again I called Direct TV to ask them about this and they told me again it take time to go through and to be patient. I did not receive a bill in the month of December and assumed that they were correct and that I would get that bill finally with my AT&T bill in January. I got my AT&T bill for January and again it did not show my Direct TV charges on there as a bundled amount. I waited for my bill to come in January for Direct TV. This morning I woke up and my satellite was not working and it said I needed to call customer service. When I called to ask them about why it was shut off they said it was due to December and January not being paid. I asked them why I had not received a bill and the supervisor told me that the bill was mailed on January 17th. My mail is delivered through my door and I dont get that much mail. I told him I have not received anything. When I called back later this afternoon to pay the amount I asked again why I have not been receiving paper bills any more and that person told me because my account had been changed to paperless billing. I asked her why and how this could have happened because I have not changed it. She told me that if you pay your bill online it switches to paperless. Which in November I paid it online which makes sense as to why I hadnt received it. However, when I paid it online it never stated that would happen. I immediately changed it back to paper billing again. This upsets me because this supervisor lied to me telling me he shows in the system where a bill was mailed to me on January 17th, when this woman clearly told me there was nothing mailed.

When I called this morning and spoke with someone and then their supervisor to inquire about the rebate situation they told me that since it was past the initial 90 days that I was no longer eligible for the rebate and there was nothing they could do. However, when I submitted the information for the rebate the day I signed up apparently it never went through in their system even though I received the two confirmation numbers. Now I have to pay the full price instead of the discounted price which is why I signed up in the first place. If I had not gone through the trouble of signing up for the rebate I would understand that it was my fault and I was no longer eligible. However, since it was their mistake in their system and now I am being punished for this I think it is very unfair. I feel like they are just scamming me out of the money I could/ should be saving with them. I told the supervisor that if this is how they run their business that I do not want to do business with them, and he said he could transfer me to their retention department. I asked if there were charges to cancel my contract. He said it would be $480 to cancel it. That is ridiculous! I feel like I have been lied to and scammed by this company.

After talking to other people at work about this situation I found out the exact thing happened to my co-workers grandmother just this month. They told her the exact same thing about the rebate. This scares me because if they have scammed her, and me just this month how many others are there out there that have been scammed by Direct TV and how many others will get scammed by them in the future? Could you please look into this and see what you can find out? I feel that since I continued to check with them and they kept telling me it will go through the next month and it never did that they purposely lead people into this trap. They also told me my bills would be bundled which would also save me money and yet that has not happened either. This is a horrible way to run their business by lying and deceiving people to get them to sign up with them and then not follow through with the things that were promised when the contract was initially drawn up.

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52d3df99, 2010-11-18, 09:40AM CST

I and my husband, close to retiring and

needing set bill amnt, also chose the

ATT/Direct TV bundle deal... The deal

made was for $130.93 a month. Bills

have been coming with amnts over $200.

Each month they say discounts have not

been activated yet. We finally got a

bill with these discounts (after 5 long

calls with ATT) and have final monthly

bills which will be $182.45. That is

$600. more for the year than we initially agreed to pay them. The 2nd

year will be more (24.99 more each month

until the two year contract ends).

SCAM! SCAM! SCAM! SCAM! This is fraud!

Beware of Direct TV and ATT! The service

and the programs offered are not the

value to which we were so enticed. :-(

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