Acer Corporation - Acer Netbook Issue

Posted on Wednesday, February 3rd, 2010 at 2:17pm CST by 672996ab

Product: Acer Aspire 150

Company: Acer Corporation

Location: US


Category: Other

I purchased 2 netbooks for christmas gifts approx. 2 weeks after christmas when one of the netbooks was turned on there was a popping noice and the screen was cracked. Filled out an RMA with company and sent back on 1/16. On 2/2 received netbook back from service depot in box with no info or paperwork and when opened box the netbook was the same as when it left the house. When I contacted the service depot they stated they left message(untrue) that any screen issues were responsibility of customer and it would cost $199.00 to fix and becuase I didn't return their supposed message they just shipped it back. I don't believe they did anything and the moment they opened the unit they saw the screen and automatically determined that the customer is at fault and from that point on the company won't listen to you. When asked to speak to supervisor was forwarded to customer service and was offered very generous(sarcastic) deal of $130.00 to fix screen. When I informed this person that I purchased the unit for $199.00 at Target and that I had already spent $23.00 to ship it first time and that I would need to ship it again at my cost and that I know that the netbook was not misused or mishandled and felt any charge was inappropriate customer service said that was the best they could do. I then went on a futile search thru the company phone # to find someone to actually hear my complaint and when I asked for the email address of the ceo or president to send them an email I was treated like a fool for even asking for this info and informed multiple times that they would not provide this info. This company is in my opinion a very poor company to do business with and I don't feel that I would recommend them to anyone. I hope that no one purchases from them as I am now out a 2 week old netbook unless I want to spend $180 to $250 to fix something that initially cost me $199 plus tax to purchase. I was also informed that there is no way that any LCD screen whether it was in a phone or tv or computer could crack on it's own by someone named Richard who worked in customer service, and from someone who works in the computer industry I know this is false. When I informed him that I personnally had witnessed it he asked me for scientific evidence or some documentation to prove it.


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