DirectTV - DirectTV Beyond Unbelievable

Posted on Saturday, February 27th, 2010 at 1:56am CST by f06ed882

Product: DirectTV inc. Satellite Cable Service

Company: DirectTV

Location: 2230 East Imperial Hwy
El Segundo, CA, 90245, US


Category: Other

I had called DirectTV about a flyer they had sent my Aunt. She is mentally handicapped and had gotten a flyer in the mail from them offering service for $29.99 per month. It was my understanding when I got of the phone with them that they would be coming to install a dish on her apartment balcony and charging her $29.99 per month plus $7.99 per month for the dish and boxes. They came to install the dish, but had not gotten the landlords permission, so they hid the dish on someone elses porch. The landlord informed me of the situation almost one month after the installation and said the dish must be removed. Direct TV insisted on charging a $400 cancellation fee and charged $52 a month instead of what we had agreed. They also refused to come and get the dish once the service had been cancelled. The dish is currently hooked up directly to the utility box through a hole at the bottom. There is no way for us to disconnect it and they will not come and do it. I am so angry I have started a website dedicated to DirectTV experience and linking people to the Attorney General to complain. Please visit


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