Dominos Pizza - Terrible Domino's Pizza experience

Posted on Friday, February 26th, 2010 at 11:10pm CST by 0228f400

Company: Dominos Pizza

Location: 1280 Grant St.
Denver, CO, 80203, US

Category: Other

I placed an order online from this store last week. The order was promised in 35 minutes. The driver called me 40 minutes later stating he was lost and unable to find my residence. My order did not arrive for another 30 minutes, making it almost an hour past the time it was supposed to be delivered.

I called the store to complain, and some young kid sounded annoyed I dared complain, but finally sighed and said they would give me 50% off my next order. I got mad and hung up, and contacted the main customer service center, who apologized and said the store manager would contact me, which he never did.

Now tonight I tried to place an order from the store, and inquired about the 50% discount. The person o the phone was rude and belligerent, and said that according to their computer, the delivery driver stated that I was not at home, which is why my order was delivered so late and cold. This means they lied to cover their asses, and made me out to be the bad guy. He then told me I could place an order tonight, but without a discount, and sounded very annoyed and rude when speaking to me. i hung up in disgust, and vowed to never patronize this store again.


a76d8070, 2010-04-19, 11:41PM CDT

the best way to get what you want at dominos is go face to face with the manager and say that you'll go to their boss. THE FRANCHISE

36bfb08d, 2011-02-27, 07:44PM CST

i order 4 pizzas for carry out pizzas was good like the way i order but lets start with the history manager told me is wanna take from 15 minutes to 20 minutes i arrive to the store to pay my pizzas and manager ask me if i need help and i told her i just need to pay and pick up my pizzas and she said is going to be another 5 minutes waiting time and i notice something manager was so busy answer the phone making pizzas at the same time and about 8 customer behind me so total time to get my food was 40 minutes thats ridicules and here is the funny part i ask for extra parmesan chz. they give me 5 pkts. and i ask for extra. they give me 3 more and i look at them please can you give me extra please. and buying 4 pizzas and employee told me he just give enough. i just laff and told him you dont argui with a customer and i ask manager for my receipt she told me receipt is on label with the pizzas and i ask her to give me 800 # she told me than that store was a franchise. but i know any fast food chain has a corporate so that was a really bad experience to me. can somebody reply to my customer comment. please thanks. store is located azusa ave and foothill azusa ca. 91702 tel (626)969-3030 and time of the incident 1:50pm to 2:45pm

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