Publisher's clearing house - PCH COUPONS WILL NOT PRINT

Posted on Friday, February 26th, 2010 at 11:01am CST by de78ec4d

Company: Publisher's clearing house

Location: unknown
unknown, US


Category: Other

This crappy web-site doesn't even have a contact service for you to complain to, which sucks. But my original complaint is that the stupid coupon printer that they have you download from their web-site will not work with my computer and/or printer, which may not be their fault. But why make it so hard to print a damn coupon? I spent over two hours trying to print 5 coupons(this worked just fine the day before). I am never going to use this horrible service again. They suck, mostly they are trying to get you to "pimp" their stupid lottery for desperate people wanting to win big! What a joke. Steer clear of this web-site, they just plain suck.


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