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Posted on Friday, February 26th, 2010 at 12:23am CST by c1ca532a

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This is yet another complaint on what I would describe as


This isnt a story about the laptop hardware it self as I have been lucky enough that nothing has gone wrong.

Keeping in mind my laptop is really just a toy and I use if maybe 6 hours every sunday, so its basicly had 3 weeks use in the last year.

I bought an ACER apsire 5735Z

Feb 2009. I though it was a very sharp looking laptop and was excited to get it home. After spending 5 hours cleaning out all the extra JUNK software included, I started installing software I actually wanted. This is when Windows Vista became a bitter program and I finaly decided 3 weeks ago to remove Vista and upgrade to Windows XP. Yes I said upgrade.

After about a week of foddling around trying to find drivers that worked for an xp enviroment, my hardware fired up and I was good to go.

I relize that all Issues up to this point are my doing but heres where things get intersting.

With minor apps still not working in my computer I decide to visit Acers website and purchace a recovery cd thinking it had usable drivers on it.

After the purchace I read online that this CD is for a Vista platform only along with almost all the drivers listed by ACER.CA for use with a XP laptop. Im not running Vista any more so I need to cancel my order.

No Problem right? I only placed the order 10 min ago. I will simply cancel it. Wrong. Theres no were to cancel.

I look through there website to find some way of contacting Acer. Recorde the number and ensure I contact them first thing in the morning.

When I call the number, I get a lady on the phone that explains to me that this is only a distribution number. That she has not idea why her number is posted online, and that I will have to call another number instead.

She gives me 2 phone numbers.

The first 1 I call askes me to enter my s/n for my laptop in to the system. As soon as I do , I get a breaf message stating my laptop is out of warranty and I must pay $2.50 a min to talk to some one. Im left scratching my head because this call has nothing to do with the warranty on my laptop. Its about a CD I just purchased.

Call the second number. Again an automated system that throws me in to a loop. After pressing 3 then 5 then 6 then 6 then 7 then 8 then 2 then 0 because im sick of entering numbers, I get a message asking me to enter my s/n on my laptop. Why? this has nothing to do with the laptop. Its about a CD I just purchased. But I go ahead and enter it with hopes my phone adventures are over and I can finaly talk to a live agent to cancel my order. But instead I get " were sorry but your laptop is out of warranty, please call this number to contact ACER" and hangs up on me. The same number as before asking me to pay $2.50 to talk to some one.

Work gets busy and I cant spare any more time to the nonsence.

I decide again to hit the net to try to get some fallow up with my issue.

I do get a email your question to ACER web page. It goes as fallows.

Discussion Thread


Customer (GC) - 02/25/2010 05:27 PM

In regards to Service Request Number is 1-63RH55.

I have tried calling various numbers to cancel this order as

I do not have windows Vista installed on my laptop any more.

The first number was (800) 565-2237 @ 09:00 today where I got a

lady explaining to me that that I had called the wrong number

to cancel my order, that there was nothing she could do and then provided me with a new number.

The next number I called explained to me that I had to pay

$2.50 A MIN ? To cancel my order ?

hhhhuuuuuuu ?

I then called another number where a voice system kept throwing me in to a loop and as soon as I gave my S/N number, it would tell me my

laptop was to old and then hang up on me. (I bought my laptop less then a year ago BTW)

Hoping some one, any one that works for Acer to get this e-mail

and cancel this order for me.

PS. Your customer service is awful.

It really makes me feel your ONLY out to sell

your product and not support it.

Will def take this in to consideration before I purchase

another Acer/Gateway product.

Might be eaiser cutting off my fingers then it is talking to

a "live" person that works for acer


A little shrewd but now the response.

Im suprised I even got one to be honest.




Order for Recovery Media Backup Disks

Discussion Thread



Dear G C,

Thank you for contacting Acer America. I would be happy to assist you with the Recovery CD order issue.

We have verified your product serial number and it shows that your product is out of warranty.( WHO GIVES A CRAP, THIS HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH MY LAPTOP. ITS ABOUT A CD I PURCHASED SO WHY WOULD MY LAPTOP HAVE ANYTHING TO DO WITH THIS?)

Since your computer is out of warranty you may not be able to contact our voice support.

The recovery disc package has been already shipped to you on 02/25/2010 and your waybill number is ############ . You can check the status of shipping in the following link

Since the Recovery CD has been already shipped we may not be able to cancel the order.

Your Service Request ID is:1-63RH55

Please feel free to visit our web site

Have a great day.


Acer America

Online Technical Support


I look at the Fed Ex Web site and enter the way bill number only to find this

No information for the following shipments/FedEx Office orders has been received by our system.


I then do a fallow up with the ACER email cause my warrany has expired on laptop and no one want to talk to me any more as a result dispite the fact that my warranty has NOTHING to do with the problem at hand



Why would you not provide "any" mean's of me contacting live support post purchace? Do you think its fair to make me pay you $2.50 a min to request a cancelation of this order? my laptop has or is out of warranty is not whats in question here. The CD is new and was purchased 2010/02/24. How does this product not come with warranty or a return policy? U said in your own email that live support is not avail to out of warranty products but a CD purchased less 24 hours ago had all ready expired its warranty?


If this is the case I will simply return the cd via fed ex and expect a speedy return of charges less the shipping to my credit card

If this can not be done I will simply have to dispute the charges with my credit card company.

Im sure that when they call ACER and be told they have to pay $2.50

to speak with live support to ask Acer about this problem, they will understand the frustration that has come with this situation.

Also please note the attachment fom Fed Ex in regards to your claim that the product has been shipped all ready.




Still no responce from ACER at this time. nor do I expect to get one.

Basicly what ACER as a company has stated is " sucker sucker, you bought it, you live with it. You want any help?

tough s!*t

If this is the run around I get for a $20 cd, why should I expect any more for any other product ACER sells?

What I also cant beleave is that after what seems like countless issues with ACER through this website, youtube and all through the net. Why is ACER even aloud to sell is products in North America any more? Toyota messed up, we hold a massive criminal investiation.

Acer screews people around for years, nothing gets done

Someone REALLY needs to put there foot down and boot this company out of the country and reject all product by ACER


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