viaddress - Unethical business practices

Posted on Thursday, February 25th, 2010 at 11:29pm CST by 0a736217

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Viaddress has been engaging in very unethical and unprofessional behavior. I first became aware of this when researching forwarding companies. While many companies had mixes of positive and negative reviews, had solid positive reviews--and not only that, this small website often had hundreds of more positive reviews than large, well-known websites. Sensing something was amiss I did further research and found a website where viaddress was offering to pay $10 to people who would write 25 positive reviews of the company. Concerned by this I posted it to several websites so people were aware of their tactics. I did further research and found that viaddress had a masked IP, which was a red flag, had mail service stores as their listed addresses, and had graphics taken directly from a competitor's website. Coincidentally, after I brought all these to attention they all changed-- the addresses and website registration were changed, and the graphics were removed from their website, as was the website offering to pay $10 to people to write positive reviews of viaddress. After I did this I began receiving nasty emails calling me stupid and other profane things. I posted these emails to make people aware of this action; shortly after I was accused of being a competitor to viaddress (which I am not) and threatened with legal action. They also claimed to have my IP address, which is flat out false. Obviously, you can't sue someone for what they write about a company, especially when the posted material was all true, but that didn't stop them from repeatedly making the claim-- most likely in an attempt to scare me into silence. I have not used their service, but my comments are not about the service provided-- they were about the company's business practices. Viaddress' behavior is extraordinarily unprofessional and unethical, and even if their service was good I would not use a company that engages in such appalling behavior.


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