GE Money Bank - FCRA Violations

Posted on Thursday, February 25th, 2010 at 6:40pm CST by fd77539b

Company: GE Money Bank

Location: US

Category: Other

Dear Executives of GE Money Bank,

I am having many, many problems with the credit lines that I hold from you and I am unable to get any answers why. I have accounts with you from:





I am continuously getting late pays recorded on my credit report from you. When I call your customer service lines, the representatives agree that there are NO LATE PAYS on my accounts. I have a late payment that was reported to all three credit bureaus for December 2009 on my Dillard's charge card. Guess what? My balance on my Dillard's charge card has been ZERO since April 2009. How am I making late payments when I have not had a balance since April of 2009 and I have never paid late?

I am on a debt repayment schedule. You approved this schedule and the payments. I have been making the payments AS SCHEDULED for the CORRECT AMOUNTS. Why are you continuing to report me as paying late? I am paying my accounts with you and you are damaging my credit. Every time I call your representatives, they shrug my problems off and tell me to write a letter to the FCRA folks in El Paso.

I am trying to receive additional credit. I just was told that because of my recent string of late payments, I could not receive credit. I have documented proof of this. The only recent late pays I have on my credit report are from GE Money.

Fair Credit Reporting Act -15 U.S.C. 1681

(2) Inaccurate Information

Attorneys fees and costs of litigation are also recoverable under this statute.

Please respond as soon as possible to my inquiry.


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