Capital One Credit - Capital One Won't Protect You If Your C is Illegally Charged

Posted on Thursday, February 25th, 2010 at 7:33am CST by 1e5698dd

Product: Capital One Credit Cards

Company: Capital One Credit

Location: PO Box 71083


Category: Business, Finances

My Capital One credit card was charged by a mechanic fixing my boat. He charged me for work that was never completed. When I contacted Cap One, they sent me the complaint forms and credited my account. Then without a call or letter they recharge my account and send me the same complaint forms agains. This happened monthly from September-Novemeber of 2008. When you call, they send you to a complaint department in India where nobody speaks fluent English. I finally cancelled my card and when doing so they had the adacity to tell me that I could not close the account because there was an open complaint on my account. I spent THREE hours last week trying to get this sorted out. I was hung up on twice. And two more times when I was sent back to India, the Cap One reps said they could not hear me on the phone and therefore could not help me.

Please don't bother trying to get credit from them. If you have a CC with them, go to your local bank and tell them you would like to transfer your balance to one of their cards and they will help you close your Cap One account.


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