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Posted on Wednesday, February 24th, 2010 at 10:28am CST by 0afc070f

Product: Education

Company: University of Phoenix

Location: University of Phoenix 3157 E. Elwood St.
Phoenix, AZ, 85034, US


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I have been an on and off student at this so called university for 5 years. I would have finished my degree a long time ago if they were not ripping me off and scamming me. Well it finally happend. The final scam. I take a class, work very hard, submit all my assignments in. My teacher does not grade them, she gives me an F. The school cancels my students loans, expects me to pay them $2100 before I can get my loans back and continue classes. No one was helpful and no one wanted to back me up. My requests were denied. I could not afford to pay off the full $2100 in one shot as I jsut started working again and have other obligations. The school put my balance into internal collections which I slowly started paying. Now I get a call from their corporate office saying that they cannot hold it anymore and will sell my balance to a collection agency even though they see I started paying it. My balance is down to $1800 and I had planned to have it paid off within the next 2 months. They do not even want to work with me there. Well now I will do everything that I can to ruin university of Phoenix. They have scammed far too many people.


7e5b7fae, 2011-11-24, 10:06AM CST

I have also been scammed by the University of Phoenix online. When I first started looking into this program, I was told that it would cost me approximately $4,800 to receive my Associates degree in Business Management. I enrolled in the course and had to fill out a "standard" form for a student loan. The University said that they would fill out the amount for the loan because it could be a little higher or lower than quoted. After awhile I got a letter from the bank stating the prerequsites for me paying back the loan. The loan amount was $10,000. I thought that was bad but then I figured that when I got the price of $4,800, that they may have meant per year. Well, I completed only 1 year before I had some problems with my scheduling. I took a hiatus and then I received a letter from the University stating that my hiatus was to long and that I would have to start paying on my loans. Tha's right, loans. It seems that the $10,000 loan was not enough, they took out an additional $5,000 loan as well. Now I am in deep debt, have not completed school, and I am highly aggitated. The University of Phoenix is a major RIP OFF! I advise anyone who is considering going there to think about it. Don't fall for their scam or you might wind up deep in debt like me.

Joe U., 2014-02-11, 03:24AM CST

Hello, as a human resources director of a large corporation, I never hire anyone with a degree from the University of Phoenix. Anyone with a job application with the University of Phoenix listed as an institution from which they have a degree, their application is immediately shredded. Anyone can get a degree from UoP without learning anything. People who cannot get a degree from any other institution end up at the University of Phoenix, and according to the Department of Education, only 15% of those people graduate. There are many better real colleges with professors, with a campus that has world-class online classes and degrees like Colorado State University in Fort Collins, Colorado or Grand Canyon University in Phoenix, Arizona, just to name a couple. Too enroll at UoP will be a big mistake for anyone.


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