Verizon Wireless - early termination was infringed

Posted on Tuesday, February 23rd, 2010 at 7:43pm CST by 78ec9d55

Product: Internet service device

Company: Verizon Wireless

Location: 98-145 kaonoihi street, aiea, hawaii 9670-4704
Aiea, Hi 96701-4704, Ve, 96701-4704, US

Category: Other

Verizon Wireless has willful practiced concealment in suspeneding my service, and will not import why they decide to take this action. And still receive full payments for full services in which I could not enjoy. It seem Verizon is a optimistic in receiving benifits of monies for service is not made availale to customer. I have exhauted all possible ways.I Made a request,expond intent,practiced prudent care to terminate. But verizon has inhibtion due care, made incongruent statements, made inexplicable remarks to BBB. Verizon has promulgate to,agreement to,bilateral contract to,false adertising to,concomitant to,preexisting duty rule to, condition to, concealment to disclose inf. I went through BBB for almost two years, without any results. Hawaii state Attorney general is the same, Federal trade commission the same. the cumulation of my complaints starts this March in Small Claims Court I feel I may get better answers, but is worried may have problems proving that Verizon has falsify the records that theyd made.


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