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Allcare Seattle would not refund my money.

Their product is useless has bad quality their service sucks; same goes for the maker (medi usa).

I bought 2 pairs of support stockings from allcare Seattle @ $139 ea. After wearing it first time I noticed it had worn out, the crotch was so stretch out that it had a rip mark going down the side of it and around in one leg. I was outraged called Allcare 0n Monday 2/08/10 Wilma said she must see it first before she can do anything since I dont drive in the city I have to wait till Friday, cause of this I call the company (2/10/10) medi usa Chris customer service said I shouldnt have any problems taking them back.

Friday (2/12/10) first thing in the morning before work I try to return the stockings, I showed Wilma the stocking, her first reaction was to accuse me of not wearing gloves and that I did not put it on properly and with care. Im so disappointed of their service and no matter what I said or do Im wrong and dont have any rights.

After I told her what the company said, she said thats right but she had to send them to the lab for an investigation, I have never heard anything so ridiculous! She gave the other pair that I had bought even thought I did not wanted them anymore and try to order me another pair from different brand. I told her Im late to work I have to go; she said I called you back when results are back. I cant handle people like that.

I will try again, called company on 2/18/10, nothing their management have left their office nowhere to be found, then I called the Bellevue branch customer service is their management nothing. All I got was, we will call you this afternoon.

They called me next day and said, we can exchange the other pair as long is instill in the package, I agree but change my mind cause I realized that she actually didnt help me at all and that they only care about making money.

I told her no I want my money back I dont want to deal with them any more just refund me my money, she said no and that they did everything it was in their hands to help me if I have decided not to wear the stockings they have provide me it was my choice they did not gave anything or offer anything for the pair that is in the lab, this other pair I paid for it and I dont want either I have no used for it, but of course there is no refund no matter what.

I told her Ill try somewhere else for help. I dont know how to contact their management or how to deal with this, all I know is that I have been mistreated and I feel like crying.

Please help.


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