Jumbo electronics MOE - jumbo electronics Bad Customer service

Posted on Thursday, February 18th, 2010 at 4:14am CST by cb9f9f8e

Product: blue ray disc

Company: Jumbo electronics MOE

Location: Dubai, Du, AE

URL: http://[email protected]/

Category: Other

My PS3 broke with my blue ray inside the console, i took it to Jumbo electronics for repair. I received a replacement ps3 unit instead, which was ok with me. My blue ray that was stuck inside my old unit would be returned to me after 45-60 days.That was exactly 4 months and 13 days ago. I have been to Jumbo electronics MOE a few time already , i have also called allot of times to follow up. I have been promised by the staff working at the service department Jumbo Electronics MOE on more than one occasion they'll get back to me, they never did. I received my first feedback 2 weeks ago with no apology or explanation as to why i'm waiting so long. They just said they contacted Sony with regards to my missing blue ray and i have to wait about 90 days more.

As a customer its not my concern as to who to blame for my property taking so long to get back to me, Sony or Jumbocorp. What i do feel is that because i went to Jumbo they should be responsible to get back to me with updates on a timely manner.I think because its just a bluray disc to them its of no importance to them.

I just want the public to be ware of the possible service to expect if they have any problems with their products.


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