Nationwide Van Lines

Posted on Thursday, February 18th, 2010 at 7:04pm CST by 105ae3b1

Product: Moving

Company: Nationwide Van Lines

Location: 1421 NW 65th Avenue
Plantation, FL, 33313, US


Category: Other

Complete fraud. Be very careful when dealing with this company.

They gave us an estimate on the phone, according to an exact list of items we intended to move. They refused to do a walk through and confirm the quote but said they had a set system to do their pricing. Of course, when the driver finally arrived, the price to move the very same items was 50% more according to some vague system based on the number of panels in his truck.

I also want to mention, we were on a very tight schedule, and the mover arrived 8 hours late on the first day. He then said he didn't have time to do the job and would come back. The office confirmed he'd come back 8am the next day. On the second day, a new guy was sent, also arriving late, this time by 6 hours. He got to work but couldn't finish the job, so it turned into a 2 day process. They finally completed everything but they were 72 hours late in total. This was a massive inconvenience for us.

We also prepaid for a platinum packaging service which was to include all items including furniture. This was important as we had some special pieces to protect. The team leader told us that he would use pads on the furniture until the shipment got to our destination. At that point he'd remove the covers and packaging it with bubble wrap and cardboard. However, upon arrival he refused to wrap the furniture as promised, lied to the recipient and said we waived our request to wrap the items, and when the recipient insisted on some protection for the items, he demanded $25 per padded cover.

The office was testy and recalcitrant when we contacted them. Very unhelpful. We had to file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau.

And as for the BBB, I want to point out that if you file a complaint with them against this (or any) company, you cannot post a review about the company on BBB's Trust Link review site. That means that on this company's page, there are 25 reviews, only the positive experience. Unfortunately, this completely fails to include reviews from people who have had bad experiences. Very skewed and unfair.

Avoid Nationwide if possible. Don't just take my word for it. Before using this company do a web search for "Nationwide Van Lines complaints" to get an idea of this company's true reputation. There are pages and pages of complaints against them on a number of sites. Many seem to be unresolved. Use at your own risk.


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