Ikobo Ikobo.com - Lack of customer service

Posted on Tuesday, February 16th, 2010 at 10:35pm CST by 306d0988

Product: Ikobo.com transfer services

Company: Ikobo Ikobo.com

Location: 2030 Powers Ferry Road #222
Atlanta, ga, 30327, US

URL: http://ikobo.com/

Category: Other

Ikobo has a very complicated way to show their statements and it gets very bad when the debit card is used for small amounts, the best thing to do is go to an atm and get large amounts to spend the cash that you are receiving.

I received a transfer from overseas and 5 months later ikobo took the money that I had in the account plus some more and left the balance in big red numbers, I had been contacting them via email and phone asking for explanations and the best that they came up with is that the bank that originally did the transfer took the money back and so they did the same 5 months later !!!! I personally checked with the bank overseas and there is not such a transaction where they cancelled a transfer that was made 5 months prior...

I got sick of contacting ikobo for answers, they PROMISED that they would take this to other levels and nothing happened, the balance is still in red and I lost the money that I had left in that account.

Thievery, no other name.

Another of their excuses were that they are the new company, the new ownership and they did not have access to transactions that happened while the company was under the old ownership...

So ... for a company that is not clear on what is happening I can complain since I am furious for this lack of professionalism and customer service...


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