US Gas - Check the Price

Posted on Sunday, February 14th, 2010 at 2:51pm CST by Alex P.

Product: Gasoline

Company: US Gas

Location: Samdin Blvd and S Broad St
Trenton, NJ, 08610, US

Category: Other

Today, I went to the "US Gas" gas station located at Samdin Blvd and S. Broad St in Hamilton, NJ 08610. I filled my gas tank at approximately 11:45am on 2/14/10. I told the attendant "cash" and even had the money clearly visible to him. When the tank was full, the attendant told me the total was $38. I paid him $40, got $2 change. I looked at the readout for the "per gallon" price, and it was $2.44. The cash price was supposed to be $2.36. I realized he had charged me the credit price. I had to get to church, so I didn't press the matter. This may have been an oversight, but I'd like to report it. I also believe I'm not the first person to fall victim, and if I hadn't looked back before pulling away, I would never have known that I had been shorted. What I got was 15.57 gal of gas at $2.44/gal totalling $38. I should have gotten 15.57 gal of gas at $2.36/gal totalling $36.74. Taken into context, he shorted me half a gallon of gas by charging me eight extra cents for the 15.57 gallons of gas.

After church, I passed by the gas station and they had lowered the prices by three cents. That is their perogative to change the price, but it just stings more because I was already overcharged and now the price of the gas is even lower.

Again, I don't think he did it maliciously. But it is an oversight that shouldn't have happened. He very well may have played me for a sucker and charged the extra $1.26, thinking I wouldn't have noticed. I know I'll never go back there and that they should be spot-checked so that this doesn't happen again.


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