detel nokia shop - teleservice can not repair in 80 days

Posted on Monday, February 1st, 2010 at 1:55pm CST by a0f0abd1

Product: nokia N72

Company: detel nokia shop

Location: izmir, TR

Category: Other

My N72 cellular phone was given to the DETEL Nokia shop in ?zmir (which located next to the Lozan square) TURKEY due to fix the problem by me on

12 th November 2009. One week later they called me and wanted 70 TL to fix the problem, and I have accepted.

After that, They called me and said "your telephone was ready to pick up" when I was in Amsterdam on 20 th September2009 .

Whenever came back I went to take back my phone to DETEL shop. Mr. Cagdas SOLMUS was there and before gave me back the phone he tried to open

and showed me it was functional. But phone was still out of order and has same problem. He said me "I would gave it back to the technical service, because

same problem was still went on ". I have accepted. They had opened new technical form but not given to me.

I have still original Technical form of date 12 November 2009.

End of January They called me again , I went there, but They said" Your telephone fumbled and battery was has gone, because of that we cold not to fix it.

" I have said "How come? because this phone in technical shop and under your control more than 2 months. They said " Ok. We will gave it back to the

technical shop again. One week later called me again and I went there again. This time they said "your mother board was out of order, it requires about

same price the phone cost, because of that take it back.

I insisted that and "every time you said me another thing and how come I know you made the problem on it" They have given back again to the technical shop.

Today, 01 February 2010, called me again and have gone again.( fifth times). Every time I have gone there explained the problem again and again. This time

they have said "mother board problem bla bla bla......." I have tried the manager of NOKIA SHOP but I could not. This evening Mrs. Fadime TOKATLI called me

and tried to say "This is not our problem, this is your problem, because We said you this mother board problem on December 2009. She is lier.

I have tried to explain my truths, but she did not accepted. Mr. Cagdas SOLMUS went to the other job. And She said this was due to this guy misunderstanding.

This guy worked on that shop, and I gave my phone to the NOKIA SHOP. Mrs. Fadime said " we can not assume and give guarantee his misunderstanding"

Almost 80 days I am trying to have fixed my phone. I know after 30 days they have to give new phone to me. But they DO NOT.



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