Villisca Municipal Power - Electric company

Posted on Monday, February 1st, 2010 at 7:50pm CST by 1211eb2c

Product: Electric

Company: Villisca Municipal Power

Location: VILLISCA, IA, 50864, US

Category: Government, Police

This year our electric company raised our rated to 8 percent for every one. My bills range from $643 to over $800 a month. My electric company is not reading the meters to get an exact ready. It has affected the whole community. When the citizens do not make enough to barely buy groceries and to pay for their other bills, I feel we are being robbed. It feels like it is becoming a monopoly. I wish I knew how we can resolve this issue and let the taxpayers have the ability to afford their electric bills. Eventually the citizens are going to move out of Villisca, and it will become a ghost town. We only have around 13 hundred who live here. It is said to see that our own electric would rip us off. Our electric bill has went up and they also add a fuel adjustment to the bills, also. The fuel adjustment ranges from $50 to $300, which is added to what we already owe. If anyone could give me some suggestions, I would appreciate it.


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