Chipotle - Vegetarians Beware

Posted on Thursday, December 9th, 2010 at 3:42pm CST by f3af02a9

Product: Vegetarian Tacos

Company: Chipotle

Location: Denver, CO, US


Category: Other

On 12/08/10, I ate at the Chipotle in Oak Brook, IL on 22nd St.

I asked to speak with the manager. She was a very short (4'11" Hispanic woman). I am a vegetarian and wanted guacamole tacos. In the past, when I have asked for quacamole tacos, I have ended up with very soggy tomato tacos with a garnish of guacamole. That wasnt what I wanted. I wanted guacamole tacos. So, I told her what I wanted. I wanted an order of tacos. That isn't what she charged me for (unbeknownst to me at the time). She charged me for two tacos, when I expected to get three. At no time did I tell her I wanted to buy my tacos individually. I was charged $2.20 per taco + $1.80 for guacamole (for a total of $6.71 with tax). The guacamole was the main ingredient for my vegetarian tacos. It was not like I was asking for extra garnish. When someone buys meat tacos you do not charge extra for the meat. When I left I was starving and had to go eat lunch someplace else.

Also, the parking spots in the parking spots only left about 14" in between cars. If I lived close to that location, I wouldn't go there anyway, because the chances of your car getting dinged are extremely high.

How is a vegetarian supposed to get what they order and not be overcharged?

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6e75c6db, 2010-12-09, 04:17PM CST

We have replied to the comments you have sent to our customer service department. Can you please check your e-mail and respond to us when you have a moment? -Chipotle

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