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Location: Shaw blvd cor Marie Lane st
Pasig, 1552, PH

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November 22, 2010 around 3pm, I called for delivery order at KFC delivery hotline, after a heavy rain, since I am such an understanding person. After 45min of waiting I called the hotline again and said they will follow up my order with the Shaw Blvd branch, nearest to my location. After 15 min, I called for the 2nd time asking why my order hasnt arrived yet, and they said to look on this matter and do proper action with the branch. It took 1hr of waiting time. The branch manager on duty, Rey Longcot, called me up to apologize, I accepted his apology politely and jokingly asked for a free meal or sort of. He said no problem, ( promised a one-piece chicken meal) just look for him upon my next delivery order or visit at the branch. I had 2 other deliveries after that but I never called him since I want to receive his promise on a personal visit at the branch.

Dececember 9, around 4pm. After my childs therapy atn a nearby center, I stopped by KFC Shaw blvd branch to buy my hungry kid a meal. With the delight on my face upon entering KFC Shaw, remembering the conversation with Rey Longcot, that I might be given a free meal if he was there. I took a line( only 3 short short lines in 3 cashiers, since not much costumer during that time) at the 2nd cashier ( I was 2nd in line ) glancing at the crews, hoping to find someone with a managers recognizeable attire. I saw two, a man and a woman, looking closely at the mans nameplate that read Rey Longcot. He was walking to and fro at the cashiers area, I hesitated a moment to call him since it was my turn to place my order, then I asked the cashier if that was the manager named Rey, he said yes. I told him I had talked to him previously and he told me to look for him. The cashier called the manager, facing me (Rey Longcot) but looking down as if reading some receipts, I said politely Mr Rey, I was the one who waited for an hour delivery and I received your call and.. He then faced the cashier and abruptly said hindi ko matandaan ( I dont remember ) still not looking at me. He then walked away to my surprise. I then faced the cashier who looked apologetic for the unprofessional behavior, rudeness of his manager, I politely said to the cashier, just tell him I will surely make a feedback on this. After finishing with my order, I told the cashier for the 2nd time and with a forced smile on my face, tell him I will make a feedback on him, thank you.

Leaving the store, shaking my head, KFC has poor standards in hiring managers.

My family are loyal customers of KFC , at least 3 times a week.


KFC Mission Statement

'Recognition: we find reasons to celebrate the achievements of others and have fun doing it,' is right up there with 'Customer Focus' and 'Belief In People.' "Recognition is everybody's responsibility,"


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