CarQuest - Poor labor reimbursement policy

Posted on Wednesday, December 8th, 2010 at 10:19am CST by 11a9767a

Company: CarQuest

Location: 3121 S 38th Street
Tacoma, Wa, 98409, US

Category: Other

I'm only hear to tell you of my disgust over a recent defective exhaust manifold I purchased here in Tacoma, 98409. A simple exhaust manifold replacement caused my motor to misfire and have a bad valve tap, unknown to the first mechanic that the exhaust manifold was indeed a defective part, he could not figure out why my motor was making all this noise, he went back over all the work he did and he found he did everything right so I took my truck to a second mechanic for a second opinion and he to went over the first mechanic work and found it to be done right, so he asks around on a mechanics chat forum, which isn't free and they all say the same thing, bad motor. He then tells me he can get me a used motor for $1,000, I agree, while removing my motor and then removing the new exhaust manifolds to be placed on this new used motor, just for the hell of it he looks inside one of the ports on the one manifold and finds it to be blocked with solid iron, the cause of all the noise and misfire. The mechanics down at Coopers Auto called me and were honest with me, telling me I do not need the $1,000 motor now because they found the problem and once again he goes on the mechanics chat and asks if anyone has ever come across a blocked port on a exhaust manifold and he gets about 40 hits telling him no and that they never look into the ports especially if its a brand new item.

So problem solved but it cost me $2,000 dollars more than I was prepared to spend only and I went back to file a labor reimbursement claim at CarQuest 3121 S 38 street 98409 and was treated like I was only worth the $160 I shelled out for their product, I was laughed at by the manager, told that I couldn't get the customer copy of the form even though the form came with a customer copy, so they made me a copy of the customer copy (does that make sense?) and when I looked at the amount of claim reimbursement they put down I almost flipped out, you want to give me maybe $700 plus for all my troubles?

I also tried to contact the district manager and he to ignores my phone calls showing me the real side of the CarQuest Corporation at least here where I live.

I will continue to post my disgust over this until I'm offered a more satisfying refund for all the trouble and humiliation the manager and this product caused me

Feel free to contact me via facebook or just call the store, they have my number and address

I'm happy to say that I did receive a call concerning my complaint from the district manager this morning so I'm just gonna have to wait to see if I should remove this or not

So much for the phone call. I now have to wait 6-8 weeks for any kind of reimbursement.

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Jade Z., 2014-08-02, 08:00AM CDT

Can you tell me how they based the amount they offered you? Most auto part stores here in Fla. only offer a 50% payout on labor claims, just curious as to what, or how they pay.

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