Tom Barnett, Damiana Ionela Bou - Fraudelent Iphone 4 32 GB deal

Posted on Wednesday, December 8th, 2010 at 3:22am CST by fe45029f

Product: Iphone 4, 32 GB

Company: Tom Barnett, Damiana Ionela Bou

Location: NU

Category: Other

On Dec. 02, I saw an advertisement in ebay by open-box-city, saying that they sell 20 new sealed unopened inbox Iphone 4 32GB for $500 per each. The seller claimed that if you buy more than one he will give discount, but you had to directly email him which was " [email protected] ". I emailed him and he said he can sell me 3 new iphones for 1,250 USD. But he asked me to send the money to him through the Western Union. They sent me a fake email, pretending its from ebay and it was from this address: "eBay" <[email protected]> . They had abused the logo of eBay in it. The emailed introduced "Tom Barnett" Address: 272 Bath Street Glasgow , G2 4JR Scotland as the seller and "Damiana Ionela Bou" Address: Calea Mosilor 3 City: Bucharest Zip: 245700

Country: Romania as the eBay representative. They asked me to send the money to the representative. He will keep it until Tom ships 3 iphones to me. I had to fax my receipt to 6463653062 .They did not ship it to me and they do not reply my emails after I faxed them my receipt. I googled the Fax number and it belongs to a Fake Company called "UVentures, Inc" and their phone number is 6464971676 but it is not in service. I have called the police. It seems that "Tom Barnett" is a fake name, but "Damiana Ionela Bou" is real. He lives in Dragasani, Romania . Please do not buy anything from "Tom Barnett" and "Damiana Ionela Bou". They are all swindler and fraudulent. Be careful please. Do not trust them at all.


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fe45029f, 2010-12-11, 01:42PM CST

yes. I am positive. We should keep in touch with police to find and jail him.

1bc474d8, 2010-12-15, 11:03AM CST

it is not true ,this complaint is a fake.He is a nigerian scamm and wanted to trick many people

7f77ec4b, 2010-12-15, 11:04AM CST

it is not true ,this complaint is a fake.He is a nigerian scamm and wanted to trick many people

fe45029f, 2010-12-22, 05:28AM CST

This is not a fake complaint. Be careful about this guy. I have warned you, but you can ignore my warning.

63c66e0a, 2011-01-12, 07:13PM CST

Happened to me too, he sent me the invoice today. Thanks for this post!

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