Ambiance Relaxation Center - Be sure to watch your massage time

Posted on Wednesday, December 8th, 2010 at 7:54am CST by 3cab4239

Product: Chiropractor and massage

Company: Ambiance Relaxation Center

Location: Arlington, TX, US


Category: Other


(bottom line- 50 minute massage only lasted 37 minutes and business will not acknowledge complaint)


My wife had used your office extensively for quite a while so I felt comfortable using you when I was having some slight pain in my back. I was scheduled for an initial visit half an hour before a massage. The Doctor came in and gave me the run down basically laying the groundwork for why I would likely need a lot of work, but I understand that. We then went to get some x-rays. I fully expected that. As they were discussed, it was said I would have to come back in for the analysis and then we could see "what was needed". So, I just wanted an adjustment so I was willing to come back later today when the x-rays had been reviewed to get the adjustment. He was then persistent that I would also need to come back on a specified night to go over them in depth and again determine "what needed to be done". I said I just wanted to get the one adjustment and would skip the analysis and treatment plan push. He took a glance at the x-rays and could already tell my problem could not be fixed with one adjustment (glance meaning he turned his head and pointed at the one that was on the screen). So, this contradicted the statement that they had to put the rulers and lines on them to tell what the problem was and he could already tell that I needed much more than one visit.

Now, my wife went through the same thing and while I was against her doing it, I supported her decision to go through the treatment plan. Her initial pain was fixed after a couple of visits. She continued to go for quite a while and we wrote some sizable checks. In the end, I believe she feels that she probably needed 4 or 5 visits/adjustments and her issue was resolved.

I do understand the theory of the chiropractor and that modern chiropractics seems to indicate that a "long term" plan is best for everyone. I guess I am now just in a position to find a chiropractor who is willing to do an evaluation and then do treatments as needed. For example, start with one adjustment and then if the problem persists, make an appointment for another.

I'm sure in the end it will come down to the "vision" of body wellness that your center will stand behind, but from the view of a healthy man who has had one or two other visits over his lifetime, it sure seems like every single visitor will likely have a bad situation that requires an extensive plan. For me today, I'm just not willing to throw my hat into that ring.

Now for the even more troubling part. I signed the paperwork for the massage. I had to initial the fact that a one hour massage was 5 minutes of prep, 5 minutes of undress/dress and 50 minutes of massage. We got started a couple minutes late and I made an effort to view my watch right before she came in to start. It was 11:07. The massage itself was wonderful and I have no issues with that, but when she was done and left the room, I looked at my watch again and it was 11:44. By my calculations, that was a 37 minute massage. So, when the tip jar indicated a 10% gratuity was expected, me paying her for those additional 13 minutes when she didn't have to work will be considered her gratuity.


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