Boy Scouts of America - Bad Boy scout!

Posted on Wednesday, December 8th, 2010 at 4:54pm CST by a4af49bc

Company: Boy Scouts of America

Location: 1333 Old Weisgarber Rd

Category: Kids, Baby

A little boy (wearing his boyscout attire) and his mother knocked on my door to solicit 3 bags of popcorn for $30.00. This was to help the boyscouts.

I reluctantly handed over $30 cash, but expressed to him AND his mother (who I looked at with a smile for I felt that she was proud of her son), that I normally don't hand over money like this to just anybody. I (at least) got his name and they reassured me that if they weren't on the 'up and up' that I could just ask my neighbor's son, for he knew him from school.

Long story short, I've exhaulted every avenue that I could to get this popcorn.

At this juncture tho, now I only want my money back.

I've talked to the scout leader OVER the popcorn sales, TWICE, the first time he told me that he'd have the popcorn to me within the next week.

Still never came. Then I left a message with the boyscout manager. Then I talked to a consumer advocate (here in Knoxville) that goes to people's houses when they have a problem or a complaint against a company. He told me that he also was a boyscout endorser and knew both men that I told him that I had complained to. He assured me that HE would get me the popcorn or my money back.

I even called the non-emergency police, and was promptly told to call who I had ALREADY called!

So, at this point, I just want to warn people not to buy popcorn from little boys with cubscout uniforms on.

The thing is, I noticed several names above mine when I signed up, so the MOTHER had a pretty good haul that day, and NOBODY has done ANYTHING about it!!

She might as well been going down the street and taking $30 from every house on the block.

Another thing that bothers me is (if she had this planned all along) what kind of example is SHE teaching her son,

and more than that, what is the boyscouts teaching their boys about being held responsible and accountable??

Isn't that what the boyscouts are all about??

I can give names if I need to. From the little boy's name to the leaders for I did procure all of that, and took notes along the way.

I'll NEVER give to the boyscouts again, nor anybody other kid selling things with their cuteness and charm.


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