peter tryce of keller williams - real estate scam

Posted on Tuesday, December 7th, 2010 at 8:02am CST by de548708

Product: housing

Company: peter tryce of keller williams

Location: 23670 Hawthorne Blvd. Ste.100
torrance, ca, 90505, US

Category: Other

Mr. Tryce is knowingly and willingly aiding on consumer fraud. The seller he is representing is is installing sub-par roof not recommended by reputable roofing companies, not dealing with termite issues correctly. I have walked away thankfully knowing that other "upgrades" in that property being sold might also have been done haphazardly so that in the end this house is a lemon. Mr. Tryce was "amazed" (not disbelief) how his client can get "discount" prices. What Me. Tryce doesn't care about is that his seller harrasses businesses to get them to produce invoices that in the end would be unsafe. For example, ok roofing was harassed into providing an invoice to place a new roof over one that has deteriorated past usability, full of termites and dry rot. That roof should be fully removed to ensure the new roof will keep and not deteriorate fast due to what is untreated underneath. But to Mr. Tryce and seller Mr. Golden Shu every dollars counts to the detriment if the consumer. If this is the type of shady realtor representing you please call Mr. Tryce.


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