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Posted on Tuesday, December 7th, 2010 at 6:27pm CST by 42bba4c2

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Company: Toktumi / Line2

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Toktumi / Line2 customer service is horrible. They are a phone company that does not even have a phone number.

Line 2 for iphone great idea but the produce does not work! Text messages send but do not receive.

If you need help you can't call because they have no phone number. Just a chat line that is serviced by complete idiots. See my chat thread below...

John: Hello, Chris. One moment while I review your information...

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John: Good Day Chris, how may I assist you today?

Chris: My text messageing on my line2 iphone app is not functional.

John: May I place you on hold for few minutes while I check it for you?

John: Thank you for waiting.

John: Let me share some information on texting.

John: Text messaging is only available for US LOCAL numbers (toll free and Canadian numbers do not have this functionality)

John: Sending texts to international numbers requires a PAID subscription and costs $0.10/msg

John: MMS and texting to short codes are NOT supported

Chris: My number is XXX-XXX-XXXX we ported it over from AT&T mobile. I can send text messages but I cant receive them.

John: Thank you for the information.

John: Not able to receive text messages is a known issue. It is due to heavy traffic.

John: Our engineers are working on this to resolve it soon.

Chris: This has been like this for 2 weeks?

Chris: My I have a phone number to call please?

John: Okay. I will forward your issue to our next level support team.

John: May I please have a good call back number to reach you?

Chris: that is what they said yesterday and i never got a call. what is the company phone number.

John: If a call back is raised, then you will be receiving a call shortly.

John: Normal call back will be with in 24 hrs.

Chris: My number is XXX-XXX-XXXX. What is the support teams phone number?

John: I am sorry to inform you that currently we do not have direct number for Toktumi Customer Support.

Chris: You are a phone company? How do you not have a phone number?

John: Sorry, soon we will be having that facility also.

John: Thank you for providing the number. Our support team will be calling you.

Chris: So why do you charge me money if I cant even use the line 2 service?

Notice: John exited session!

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904017cd, 2010-12-30, 05:13PM CST

Chris is not alone. I have 2 line with toktumi paying $24.95 and I have so many small problem. The idea is very good but absolutely no customer support. Extremely irritating. I am looking to something else to porte my two numbers and close account. Once they fix the problem, I may come back.

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