ArrowSol8 - Rao Abdulwahid

Posted on Tuesday, December 7th, 2010 at 12:37pm CST by 61aaf3db

Product: ADT / Lasershield Sales

Company: ArrowSol8

Location: 83 - K Commercial Zone DHA


Category: Telecommunications

These people from ArrowSol8 are people who can not be trusted at all!. My company worked for them, handling telemarketing campaign for the US, and when the time came up for them to pay our invoices, they simply said, it has been taken care of via wire transfer which never came. We waited more than a month! and nothing. Only promises and more promises. This has convinced me that this organization as well as Mr. Rao Abdulwahid (Managing Director) is an absolute fraud. I strongly suggest not to do business with this company or believe any word or email from Mr. Rao Abdulwahid. We reported him together with his company, to the Better Business Bureau in the US as well as the BPO Industry in Pakistan. In Pakistan's BPO Industry Organization, they have never heard of him or his company at all!. His telephone numbers in the US and in London, are also a complete fraud. Please be advised of this scamster.

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29f02a9a, 2010-12-12, 08:59AM CST

As advised earlier in emails. This will not get your problem resolved. The resolution to your problem will be going through the conversations and finding the error in there.

Your payment is sitting in a account waiting to be given to you and will not be used for any other purpose. All you have to do is find the error and clear it out.

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