Mr. Car LLC - Mr. Car LLC in Brentwood, MD sold me a jacked up truck, I repaired and they went back on their word, waited until I fixed the transmission for $3000 and repo'ed so they wouldn't have to fix it!!

Posted on Tuesday, December 7th, 2010 at 8:34am CST by 31805b86

Company: Mr. Car LLC

Location: 3600 Bladensburg Road Brentwood, MD 20722
Brentwood, MD, 20722, US


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I bought an overpriced and put down $3000 on a 2002 Ford Explorer with over 100,000 miles in the end of Jan 2010. By Sept 2010 the transmission went out. I let Mr. Car LLC know the prob, left several messages for the owner Daniel and he never returned my calls. Put the truck in the shop and was told that the transmission case had been somehow glued back together which is an automatic sign that the truck had been messed up before I got it. According to the carfax it was one owner car. I let Mr. Car rep know that it is going to cost $3000 to fix the transmission and I need sometime to be able to fix the piece of crap they sold me and I; can;t pay the car note until then. Daniel agreed. After trying to say the $1000 deposit up to get the car out of the shop because I had to keep renting a car for 2 months to transport my family where we needed to go (school, work) on Nov 27th I finally got the car out of the shop. I wake up Dec 2nd to find that the car had been repo'ed. I called Mr. Car on Dec 3rd and asked why they had taken the car when we had an established agreement. I told them that if they wanted the car they could have gotten it from the repair shop before I paid the $1000 deposit and put up 5 post dated checks for the balance. I was told by the payment rep that they waited on purposed to repo the car so they wouldn't have to fix and they don't know of any agreement and in order for me to get the car back I have the pay them $1097 and if I don't want it back I have the tow company $50 to get my personal belongings and tags out of the truck. They are a rip off!! They went back on the agreement and purposefully waited until I paid to repair the car.

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74a3d22c, 2011-12-26, 01:25PM CST

When Mr Car takes the decision to approve any customer as part of our payment installement program it?s because the customer?s credit rating is not acceptable by any financing institution. Reason why the penalties added to the financing figure are not the same as the ones of a Less chalenged customer. Its not that the price changes, its the cost of your previous financial decisions that makes you a risk facto that you are and consecuently tha points or penalties that you have to face when financing any tangible object.

No one forces any customer to purchase a vehicle specially when they are high risk customer. Most people are very thankfull for getting the opportunity that no other institution would give them due to the inability to pay their accounts.

The fact is that we sell used vehicles. great quality and always backed up by a 30 days warranty. We also offer extended warrantied that would cover ther vehicle mayor components for a period of 5 years. This customer opt out on this offer so no more coverage was provided after the 30 day period as stated in the Buyer?s Guide.

This customer had been past due for more than 45 days on her car payment. I did agree to give her an extention in time so she could catch up on her notes. After not making one payment the customer comes and asks for help to solve an issue that could have been avoided by purchasing the warr at the time of purchase.WE STILL GIVE HER A CHANGE TO CATCH UP!!. The irony comes when we actually gave her an great options that would allow her to fix the vehicle at one of our prefered repair facilities at 1/2 the cost that she states she paid on her complaint, and add that repair cost to the back of her payment schedule. All the customer had to do was to be up to date of her car notes.

She agreed to bring the vehicle and get up to date with her notes but she never did. Her contact information was outdated and so we could not get to reach her. Nine months down the road and with no efforts to pay us back the vehicle had to be repossessed based of our Vehicle contract agreement. Our vehicles part of this high risk program come installed with a GPS tracking device which did not seem to work for over 2 month sdue to the battery being disconected. The when vehicle?s GPS finally started to work again, we procceded to get our vehicle back. As the customer herself stated, in order for her to get the car back she needed to be up to date on her notes and pay $1097 that was past due.

All we do is trying to help people when no one else wants to give them a change. WE TOOK THE RISK!! and in fact it ended up where it had to en up based of the lack of seriosness when entering a contract. When a used vehicle brakes down after 9 months of usage and over 15.000 thousand miles of use there is always an excuse for those that try to justify their failures, blaming others for ther mistakes. We take care of our customer in every way reason why we stand as one of the strongest used car dealership in the Metro area with a 99.9% customer satisfaction rate.

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