Jason Mirabile DDS - Dentist Jason Mirabile runs a shady dentistry biz

Posted on Tuesday, December 7th, 2010 at 5:00pm CST by 7a3bdc40

Product: Dentistry

Company: Jason Mirabile DDS

Location: 1901 South Bundy
Los Angeles, CA, 90064, US

Category: Other

This guy is a fraud. he runs a dentist office out of a warehouse with no running water and other things needed for a dentist office. Also bldg is not zoned for this. The office he keeps is full of dog hair and is extremely dirty and unkempt. Mr Mirabile is also unkempt and appears to be on drugs 24-7. He only charges 100 bucks! He is consistently allowing his dog to poop on the floor of the office and he also sleeps there since he is homeless. Stay away from this guy as he is doing many illegal things like writing prescriptions for narcotics and taking money for doing it. He is currently being turned into the dental board for his highly unethical practices. STAY AWAY FROM THIS GUY!


b57e6363, 2012-02-16, 09:21PM CST

I totally agree this guys is a total fraud. Came in for a cleaning and came out with a toothache. Would not recommend to my worst enemy..

68ba8ce2, 2012-03-13, 10:25AM CDT

I was recommended by an acquaintance who said he was her Dentist and friend. I went to an office run by Dr. D. Taft DDS.2428 Santa Monica Blvd. Suite 303.. No one was there except for one receptionist. Dr. Mirabile,arrived late and disheveled and was talking a million miles a minute as though he were on drugs. He took 4 ex rays and told me I needed 4 teeth pulled. I said 'No' I wanted a second opinion,I was not in pain of any kind. He told me that he would give me implants and that they would cost 800 dollars including crown and abutment and that for 600.00 he would pull out 'the supposed' offending teeth and have a "Stay Plate" for me the following Monday. I still said 'No' I want to think about it and come back and that if I needed teeth pulled I would need to be put under with anesthesia, as I do not tolerate Novocaine. He said let me take a look and then took a needle out of his pocket and began roughly and viciously shooting my mouth full of Novocaine. Nothing was Sterile, there was blood spatter everywhere and I was screaming in the chair as he was pulling out my lower back molar and cutting up a brand new/year old bridge. Within less than 15 minutes I was out on the sidewalk in Shock and no teeth on the bottom right side of my mouth and top. When I said what about antibiotics ? He told me he didn't believe in them. I am a singer and communicator and when I told him so, he said to his receptionist "Will she be able to sing? Sure You can sing!This has been one of the worst experiences of my life. I felt as though I had walked into a Ruse and Raped. For a few weeks I was unable to form words with out spitting, my tongue being cut by the remaining teeth...I have since seen two other dentist's and told that it would cost over 20 grand to fix what he did to me. Also Dr. Mirabile never came through with the stay plate and within minutes cashed my check of 600 dollars at a check cashing place. Also While he was pulling out my good teeth he was Babbling and laughing on and on about how a certain famous(name withheld) musician, was cooking Crack Cocaine in his Living room,and that I had to have been there. all while laughing and shooting Novocain in my mouth. I was swollen for a month.Lost my sense of smell/taste and sinus area painful. I have been depressed and distraught and in mourning for my lost teeth and am scared of him and what he is capable of. I contacted the office of Dentist Dr. David Taft who owns the office he was working out of, and was told he is an excellent Dentist. That is; until I told Dr. Taft about what had happened...He then told me emphatically that he had nothing to do with Dr. Mirabile's Practice. that he would try and mediate something but he never came through.I contacted Dr. Mirabile many times to ask about the "Stay Plate" and that I want the ex rays and he keeps evading me. He will only Text and not talk..Stay away from this Dentist he is more than a crook/scammer he is a scary mouth rapist!He only wants money!

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