Skymart 104 - Full of it

Posted on Monday, December 6th, 2010 at 12:34pm CST by d0520568

Company: Skymart 104

Location: 1105 Jefferson Ave
Newport News, VA, 23601, US

Category: Other

I went to buy gas 12/01/2010 and the cashier applied the money I paid with a debit card to the wrong pump. He charged me once then I explained what happened he told me to pay again and it would credit back to my card. I paid and left. A few days went by and no credit back to the dabit card. I went back to the store on Dec 5th 2010 and the cashier Angela Y. said she couldn't give me a refund because her manager, a Muslim didn't work on Sundays for religious reasons,wasn't present. I came back on Dec 6th 2010 and met the cashier who overcharged me. The manager saw my two receits from the incident and refused my refund, even though the debit card number is plain on there with the time I purchased the gas and the actual cashier present.


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