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Company: CompUSA

Location: 14951 S. Dixie HWY
Miami, FL, 33176, US


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Here is the complaint letter handed to the local CompUSA Store Manager and Tech Manager Jorge Artimez on Dec. 1, 2010CompUSA.

He said no or credit refund would be made because the people at CA Internet Security Ani-Virus and Anti-Spyware ( and Iyogi ( were liars when they said that the CompUSA did not remove the virus Thinkpoint,or install CA Antivirus/Antispam properly. He went on to say that both lied when the said the PC cleanup was not done. Jorge went on to say that they lied in order to get my money which is just what he would have done if I had sought his help after being at Best Buy.

Dear Sir:

The service record 228478/2 for our computer is attached. It shows the computer was checked in November 22, 2010 at 12:29 pm and released at 17:12 pm. The cost was $162.76 and the following services were supposed to be rendered for the sum of $119.99:



Neither was done according to help desk for the CA Internet Security Ani-Virus and Anti-Spyware, (hereinafter referred to as CA). We paid $39.99 for CA. I contacted the CA help desk yesterday because CA seemed to be performing very slowly. Although at first reluctant to say so, CA help desk had to admit that the virus removals and cleanup were incomplete, and CA installation was wrong.

CA help desk recommended that we do not return to CompUSA because of the incompetent work done. Instead it recommended that we find another company to fix the computer.

After reviewing prices, guarantees and services available, we went with SLCI, a subsidiary of Computer Associates at a cost of $169.99 for one year of 24/7 service. The clincher for us to purchase was that SLCI's 30 day guarantee of proper service at commencement or a full refund.

We came to CompUSA to have THINKPOINT virus removed from our computer. It sold us the $119.99 package and the CA for $39.99. We object to the first charge and wish a credit of $119.99.

In order to properly install the CA Internet Security version 7:

1. the computer needed to be cleaned (optimized with the PC Optimizer that CompUSA sold and installed at the time of purchase);

2. Other anti-virus/anti-spyware programs needed to be removed from the computer.

CompUSA technician did not do either of the above.

CompUSA technician did disable THINKPOINT virus on our computer, but did not do the following tasks or advise us of the necessity of doing same:

1. Create a Restore point.

2. Scan the computer for other infections, or parts thereof and remove them.

3. Delete the Temporary Files.

4. Perform a Disk Cleanup.

5. Optimize the Internet Explorer.

6. Check to see that if CA is Working fine

We want CompUSA to issue a credit of $119.99.


Gary Gromet and Kirsten Lisbeth Jensen


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