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Posted on Saturday, December 4th, 2010 at 3:03pm CST by da78b643

Product: Internet Expert Advice

Company: Just Answer Corporation

Location: PO Box 29045
San Francisco, CA, 94129, US

URL: http://www.justanswer.com/

Category: Other

BEWARE!! This company advertises "Expert Advice", yet they are nothing more than a rural Palm Reader when it comes to backing up their claim. Desperate for some help on a weekend because my furnace went out and the temps were down below freezing, I found this company on the internet advertising that they had HVAC Experts, online and ready to help. There was a refundable $15 fee to enter into an online chat. Before paying the $15, I looked them up on the BBB site, and they had an A+ rating. Although I am mechanically inclined with regard to household repairs, I am not well versed on HVAC. When I entered into the chat, I didn't have a lot of hope but I thought if it was something simple then I could save a few hundred and a cold night ahead by repairing it myself. The "expert" asked for the description of my problem, and then after a few steps he advised me to cross 2 wires to see if the burners lit. When I crossed the wires the entire mother board of the furnace fried out. I then advised the "expert" what happened and he did not respond to me. Later, after complaining to their CS department, I was told that the connection was bad and he was trying to respond. They provided me with a copy of the chat which had his responses within 10 minutes (although I believe this was fabricated). It took me over a week and filing a complaint with the BBB to get my $15 back. The furnace, because of the wire crossing, was a total loss and I ended up having to replace it. Had the "expert" not advised me to cross the wires, my unit would have been repairable. The board that got fried would have cost over $500 alone. When I tried to file a claim with this company, they responded that the "experts" were not employees and their terms and conditions that every person agrees to in advance indemnifies them from legal action. Basically, these "experts" can be anyone and it doesn't matter if they advise you to burn down your house because you have no recourse against them. THIS KIND OF CONSUMER EXPLOITATION MUST BE STOPPED. I would be interested in hearing any other stories from people that have had trouble with this company as I would like to initiate a CLASS ACTION SUIT against them.


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