Posted on Friday, December 31st, 2010 at 4:43pm CST by d2ba79b9


Company: ONE STOP

Location: 4301 S Lake Park
Chicago, IL, 60615, US


Category: Other

very rude customer services smells sell expired food products sometimes not even letting the customer know rat problems they even cut up spoiled meat and put it back in the package everyday floors are cracked washroom is very nasty employees have no name tags so you cant identify them at all only by face owners dont even care how the employee treat customers doing a lot of shouting over the intercom no customer services at all there treat the employees like crap as i was in line waiting over listening how he was talking to his employee i believe his name was danny or they call him dk and just the other day went to get a money order the employee was trying to be nice but she said a person by the name of tina always be is a pissed off mood an next thing you know the employee was crying just by the way they talk to them i am requesting that no one ever go to this rude very disrespectful they need to be shut down for being a nasty store


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