AT&T - AT&T customer service is horrible!

Posted on Friday, December 31st, 2010 at 3:52pm CST by 8b813da9

Company: AT&T

Location: ATLANTA, GA, 30179, US

Category: Unsolicited Phone Calls

We signed up with AT&T for the promotional price of 19.95 a month for high speed internet service. Every month for the past five months we have been billed 42.95 instead of 19.95. We have spent countless hours on the phone with customer(no)service trying to get the problem resolved to no avail. Customer service assures us every month that the problem will be fixed and a credit for the difference will be applied to the next months bill which has not yet happened. So far AT&T owes us an entire month internet service for free for the over charges that have not been credited. We will never use AT&T again. This is our second bad experience with AT&T. The first experience was with their cell phone service. We were loyal long term customers for sixteen years and it was only two months before our seventeenth year contract was up. We moved fifteen miles closer to work and school where AT&T cell phone service was spotty at best. We were willing to put up with the bad coverage until the end of our contract but our daughter was involved in a terrible vehicle accident two miles from our new home and was unable to contact 911 because her cell phone had no service. Luckily for us it was not life threatening. We were sure AT&T would let us out of the contract since we had been with them for so long and we only had two months to go anyway. After explaining the accident and explaining that we needed a cell phone service that worked to a manager, she advised they could not enforce the contract if service was not available. After changing to Verizon several different AT&T managers told us no way they could let us out of contract without first paying 750.00 for three phones for two months. We told them we could not pay and they said they were sorry but there is nothing they could or would do. We called Verizon and explained our situation to them and Verizon gave us free service until our contract with AT&T was over. Verizon customer service is awesome! AT&T has lost a customer for life after our DSL contract is up with them in July 2011.


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