The UPS Store - Albuquerque - UPS Store Charged Me 3 Times for One Transaction

Posted on Thursday, December 30th, 2010 at 7:44pm CST by 32970202

Product: Owner Kimberly Whitesage

Company: The UPS Store - Albuquerque

Location: 8201 Golf Course Road NW D-3
Albuquerque, Ne, 87120, US


Category: Other

I went into the Albuquerque UPS Store on Golf Course on 12/20/10.

Owner Kimberly Whitesage was at the counter and I told her that I wanted to ship a pair of concert tickets and insure them. She said I couldn't insure and ship concert tickets. I told her FedEx did and she said she could IF I bought insurance. (Duh!)

She rang up the charges and told me it would be $14.xx. I handed her my credit card and she swiped it through the register. I told her that it seemed low to what I had researched online. I told her that the web estimated the cost to be around $18.xx with insurance.

UPS Store owner Kimberly Whitesage said to me, "Oh, you want INSURANCE?, you should have told me before I rang it up".

She then ran my credit card through the register again and had me sign the credit card slip for $18.xx. I asked her to void and credit back the $14.xx she had rung up in error. She sneered and said "I'll take care of it".

A few days later we checked our credit card statement online and saw that UPS Store owner Kimberly Whitesage had charged our credit card TWICE for the $14.xx amount and once for the $18.xx (correct) charge.

I took a copy of my card statement into the store and was told that they had to make a copy of my statement and send it to their accountant and that he was out of town for the holidays. They said he would call me. I didn't get an "I'm sorry" or anything from them.

Today, 10 days later - no phone call from the 'accountant' and no credit applied back to our credit card for the $28.xx Kimberly Whitesage had overcharged us. I went back to the UPS Store and was told that the accountant was still out of town and that it would take 10 days or more AFTER the accountant reviewed my statement before I would be credited back for their error.

This isn't the way a business operates, or at least any I've been to in the past.

I want UPS Store Owner Owner Kimberly Whitesage to apologize and to immediately credit my credit card back for the $28.xx she overcharged me back on December 20th.


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