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Posted on Thursday, December 30th, 2010 at 9:04pm CST by 871bae03

Company: Eva Sikova Evidog.com

Location: Velusovce 158, 955 01 Topolcany, Slovakia
Topolcany, SK

URL: http://evidog.com/home/

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BEWARE!!!! Bought a dog from this breeder, she sent me wrong dog she kept pick of litter that I was promised. When I received dog she had very high count of bacteria in her stools, worms, coocidia, ear mites/ears both infected, kennel cough, fleas a tick,and eye entropian in her left eye, very bad skin rash on her belly. Took her 2 mos to ship dog to us, 4 mos to get paperwork on dog very scared that she was scamming and keeping my money. She shipped dog to different airport than where she was told to, I had to drive 8 hours further one way in getting my puppy. The dog only grew to the size of a 4 mos old golden with a tiny head, and looking like a rat or something. i asked around and was sent pictures of the sire at a dog show what she was breeding is passing bad genetics down. Look elsewhere, DO NOT BUY FROM THIS LADY... Very unethical breeder just breeding for $$$$ NOT the welfare of the animals or others of what she is doing. She refuses to replace your dog, like most other breeders do. SHE WONT and is a witch about it all towards you in emails. Please contact me and I will send you the pictures of the sire and a normal sized golden showing at a dog show side by side with judge with the golden sire she passed that bad horrible genetic to us, and I will send you pictures of her too, as like I did to this breeder for months that did absolutely nothing about it. Very witchy lady to deal with...watch out, sad. God needs to deal with her and her bad ethics she is doing to others, very sad. Please pray for her.


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6b61a7d4, 2011-01-14, 03:33PM CST

Dear users,

I am shocked from what I read here. It is other from bad things of LEA and HAROLD W WINKLER - FROSTY PAW GOLDENS. You can to know them from several notes on complain-websites, for example http://www.complaintsboard.com/complaints/fraudulent-dog-breeding-c296987.html .

I did worst decision in my "breeders life" when I sell them my little princess Evidog Icequeen - the best female from this litter! Breed of Golden Retrievers is our big hobby, no bussines. We have excellent jobs, family with little children - it is why the evidog website has a blank "About Us" page. Our time we spend with family and goldens first. You can see www.evidog.com - you are welcomed.

I had some threatening letters from this people (last from 31.12.2010).

We have several puppies in US, we are in contact with owners always. Contact with Winklers and Frosty Paw Golden is as nightmare. I think, they calculate with "language barrier", but I will deffend. My English isnt so good, but I think you understand me.

I wanted to put image of Icequeen before her trip to US, unfortunately it isnt work good here :( If someone write me how do it, I put her images here - healthy, beautiful puppy!


67e50e1a, 2011-01-19, 05:33PM CST

Hello All,

I just wanted to shed some light on this subject - as it seems this type of thing runs around the internet like crazy. Any person who has a problem with someone, should work out the situation in a kindly Christian way.

I personally know Eva very well. I have even purchased a dog from her. Eva from Evidog is one of the kindest most caring breeders I know. The pup I got from her was healthy and happy and grew to be a very nice sized golden. She takes a lot of time showing her dogs, and caring for them. She has contacted me several times asking how my dog is, that I got from her. She is sincere and very caring for the pups she produces - which is not all that many.

Anybody that has gotten a pup shipped from another country knows that the potential is there for a pup to get coccidia. But how do we (the readers of this complaint) know that the originator of this complaint is telling the truth? How do we know that the pup did not get coccidia from the home of the person giving the complaint or got it while the pup shipped? I personally know many vets that say 85% of pups all have coccidia - that stress causes it to react and manifest itself (as well as an over growth of bacteria). The stress alone with the flight, could have caused it to happen.

I would certainly question the person writing this complaint - even if I did not know Eva. Anybody that refers to their dog as a "rat or something", to me does not show much love for a dog. Personally Eva's dogs are all very big and grow to some of the tops in standard. If this dog did not grow very well and was as small as a 4 month old - I would question the care of the person giving the complaint. Even a sickly pup (if that so was the case) with proper nutrition and care would still grow to normal size unless the care was not proper or giving the dog enough nutrition. The owner who wrote this complain sounds like they are not a good owner at all, and I feel sorry for the pup being in their care.

As per the Winklers they have changed their kennel name and websites several times - mainly for the fact that complaints are popping up all over the place about this breeder. They also used a photo of a family as their own - when in reality it was not them at all (on their website). You can't trust a complaint from someone who hides what they do, and says they are somebody they are not. Please don't trust much of what is written in complaint boards.

I know someone who got a complaint against them because someone wanted to buy a breeding dog from them, and they refused to sell them one. Then that puppy buyer went up and posted all kind of horrible lies about them on the internet. You can't make EVERYONE in the world happy ALL the time. It is just not possible. But you can do the best you know how, be truthful in all dealings, and follow the advice Christ showed on this earth. If you do that, you may still have people against you, but others will still see Christ in you!!

a1c6c2d9, 2013-07-08, 09:35AM CDT

I am absolutely shocked at the person making the complaint against Eva. She has been a wonderful, caring compassionate breeder. So much so that I have gotten, not one, but two of my fur kids from her. They were/are very healthy, wonderful temperaments and beautiful. I don't know the kennel that made the complaint so I can not speak for who they are. I DO KNOW Eva and would seriously question any negative comment about her.

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