Ashley Furniture - inappropriate delivery

Posted on Wednesday, December 29th, 2010 at 2:17pm CST by 7a3ae2ae

Product: Ashley furniture

Company: Ashley Furniture

Location: Albertiville, MN, US


Category: Other

I bought furniture from Ashley Furniture in Albertiville Minnesota. The drivers showed up and my wife was alone for the delivery. It is winter and messy outside. They informed her that it was inconvenient to take off their shoes and made a mess of the living room. When they were done they made sure she saw a handwritten piece of paper on top of the official papers. It said, "tips appreciated". They clearly intimidated her and just stood around and stared out her. She gave them $10. The head guy said he could not spread around $10 for three guys and just looked at her. She felt uncomfortable and gave him $15. He finally left and took the money and his piece of paper. Almost criminal. I called the local store, delivery outfit, and emailed corporate in Wisconsin. In total the best they could do was refund the $90 delivery fee (the $15 was kept) and called and said the guy was suspended and thanked me for informing them of what happened. To be honest I don't think they checked into or did anything. Why would I? They took $15 and made an offer of nothing. I told them I did not plan on ever going to their store again and would relay this story to others. No apparant concern about my or anyone elses future business. Just oh well, here is your delivery charge back and see you. Never will step foot in this business again in my life and highly recommend you don't either.


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