Dr. Plumber's - $800.00 per hour labor not disclosed untill job complete

Posted on Wednesday, December 29th, 2010 at 12:18pm CST by d91dfc5c

Product: Plumbing

Company: Dr. Plumber's

Location: 54 Rollins Street
Lawrence, MA, 01841, US

URL: http://drplumbers.com/

Category: Other

This plumber charged me over $800.00 for 1 hour of labor, and performed a repair without disclosing what he would do or how much it would cost. He said that there was a bad gas leak (there wasn't)and that the law said he "had to perform the service and could not leave, so my permission was not necessary" I said, shouldnt you call the gas company, then? he said it was "the responsibility of the first person to come" There was no gas leak, the furnace was new, I am down ther all the time, I would have smelled it if there was a leak. He immediately cashed the check before I could issue a stop payment. I asked him if he could at least provide receipts for the parts he installed, and he flatly refused. All told, it cost nearly $1,300.00 to install three tiny parts, which took less than an hour. He also broke the furnace door, whic keeps falling open now and shutting down the system. Not only that, but he also posts fake reviews about how great his company is in Yellow Pages. You can tell its the same guy because the spelling errors are the same from review to review, and the language patterns are the same. He somehow removed the 4 negative reviews I posted within 24 hours. so he has 34 perfect reviews.


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