Kauffman Tire - Kauffman Tire'sFull Replacement Certificate is a Joke!

Posted on Wednesday, December 29th, 2010 at 7:06pm CST by 087e33f3

Product: P225/60R16 Integrity B03 97S Tires

Company: Kauffman Tire

Location: 865 Glynn Street South
Fayetteville, GA, 30214, US

URL: http://www.KauffmanTire.com/

Category: Other

On April 8, 2010 I purchased four new tires for $421 with a 50,000 mile warranty from Kauffman Tire for my son's car. I also paid $5 for a Full Replacement Certificate; in the event we had ANY problem with a tire Kauffman would replace the tire without additional cost. At the time of purchase I was informed the car required an additional $800 of front-end work. Since we already had a long-standing relationship with another local mechanic, we only purchased the tires and replacement certificate. On April 12, 2010 I paid $1,290 to replace front tire rods, front axle, struts, CV axle, brakes, and an alignment with our mechanic.

Two months after purchasing the tires I noticed the front passenger tire kept deflating. My son took his car back to Kauffman and they said his tire rim wore his tire and he needed a new tire. I paid $175 to have my son's rim re-chromed and Kauffman only patched his tire. Now, six months later I noticed his front driver's side tire kept deflating. He returned to Kauffman and they said we had to buy two new tires because the tires wore improperly due to the car needing an alignment. We proved we had an alignment four days after the original tire purchase and then Kauffman said they refused to honor their Replacement Certificate because the tires were driven with low tire pressure.

The tires had less than 6,000 miles wear and had to be replaced! Kauffman would only agree to replace the tires if I paid an additional $143. We have been to Kauffman at least six times within the past eight months to have our tires repaired and Kauffman either refused to fix the tires because they didnt have time or they kept the car ALL DAY and asked us to pay for new tires within 30 minutes of the stores closing. Kauffman Tire offers poor customer service and their guarantees are not worth the paper they are written on.

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e27d564c, 2014-07-09, 02:01PM CDT

They pulled the same crap with me. I went in there the other day because I had a small leak with one tire. It would take 2-3 days to lose about 10psi. I was told when I purchased these tires a year prior that if I ever had a leak or flat they would fix for free. The rep tells me he cant fix because my tires are at 4/32's and I needed to purchase a new tire. I told him to pound sand. I took the car to a local mechanic who fixed the tire for$15 and told me the tread was closer to 6/32 than 4/32's. I should have never went in to this store especially after they put a synthetic oil additive into my car without my request and when I confronted them with it they lied and told me my car had to have it. I forced him to call the Lexus dealer and finally he apologized. Any warranty at Kauffman's is garbage any and everything they tell you is only to benefit them. They are crooks

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