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Posted on Tuesday, December 28th, 2010 at 4:04am CST by 6cdaaf3c

Product: SEO Marketing, Search Engines Placement, Internet Marketing

Company: www.htpcompany.com and www.seocompany.net

Location: Agoura Hills, Ca, 91301, US

URL: http://www.htpcompany.com,www.seocompany.net/

Category: Other

Unfortunately, I fell into this scam from a "Sponsor Link" affiliated with www.htpcompany.com. I am usually quite observant when it comes to these things, and usually very quick to spot a scam, but honestly this one snuck by me. A banner mentioning a "free" seminar for internet marketing to learn about marketing on the internet, I should have known better that this would be Scam.

But I am reading all your reports and it would seem that they have gotten even slicker since you were all taken by the same company. Now they don't even advertise the company who they are fronting for, until you get the sales pitch at the 90 minute presentation. And they keep doing quite 'fair' things during the presentation, so you would think they are fair... and I paid attention to all that, yet some how they convinced me to pay $2000. to attend another one of their workshops, the 9 hour all day one, next Sat. at an even fancier hotel, than the one we went to for the sales pitch. Stay away from these Scammers!!! They only take your money.


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