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Posted on Tuesday, December 28th, 2010 at 11:09pm CST by ac1a3f21

Product: Bank Demand Draft

Company: HDFC Bank

Location: Sankara Narayana Building Shop #25/1 M.G. Road Bangalore G.P.O. Bangalore -560001
Bangalore, Ka, 560001, IN


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I have my account with MG road Branch and had placed a request for a DD (through internet banking) on the 24th of December (Friday). The amount was debited immediately and said i will receive the same within 4 working days.

But today is 29th December and am yet to receive the DD and more than that am left in dark on the status of the DD.

The amount getting debited on Friday itself, made me think the DD was printed on the same day and due for dispatch friday evening or the next working day morning (Monday). Since the amount was big and i needed the DD quickly, opened a case (HBL=010-902-191) to the bank asking them to inform me about the courier details and they replied saying they would take 5 more days to inform me the status.

I replied back to the same query copying country head and MD, still there was no response. I opened another case (HBL=010-913-215) and again no response.

I called their phonebanking number and talked to the executive, who informed me that there is no courier detail updated in the record meaning it is not dispatched yet and said, that DD was printed only Yesterday and that it may be dispatched on Tuesday evening (28th December).

My worries...

1) If the DD is printed on 26th, why was the amount debited immediately on 24th.

2) As per process, the DD number should be part of the min-statement, as and when the amount is debited/ DD printed. But, they ref number remains all 0s (for their comfort).

3) Since they say max 4 days, they will dispatch the courier only on the fourth day and they wont be questioned for a further delay.

4) In some of the leading banks (like citibank, ICICI) , when a query is posted through netbanking, it reaches the branch manager, who responds to the query and take actions.This makes us get the specific details.But with HDFC bank, it goes to the customercare center, who can access the details, as you see in your netbanking account screen, but wont know the specifics, as in this case, if a DD is printed or nor and also if it is dispatched or not and if dispatched, the details of the courier.

I guess, it is all the more safe to "not to book DD" online from HDFC or through phonebanking for that matter, unless you have a buffer of about 10days.You are better off doing it by other means.


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