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Posted on Monday, December 27th, 2010 at 12:51pm CST by 933eff3d

Product: Sealy Mattress High End Single sided King

Company: J.C,Penney's

Location: 2810 6501 Legacy Dr.
Plano, Tx, 75024, US

Category: Other

Sent to JCP via Mail R.R. w.enclosure of letter ignored by JCPenny????????s, If no solution or acceptable rebuttle is received by November 30, this will be forwarded to the media and others. Mailed: October 21, 2010

Sealy????????s Mattress Warranty appears as a Farse

J.C. Penney????????s sells and advertises Sealy and the Warranty

and then plays ????????cat and mouse???????? with its patrons.

Penney????????s investigates, Sealy determines, and then Penney????????s washes their hands

The end result, ???????. You and I Loose.!!!

The Case: 5 years into a 10 year warranty on a one sided King Size Mattress, both sides are sagged, (indented), the middle on the other hand developed a hump difficult to climb over.

Sealy checks the mattress through a Penney????????s sent ????????expert????????, his report, was based on a string run across the top of the mattress without weight so there was no ????????active test???????? just a look see under an ????????unloaded???????? condition. No manual check on the soft deepness at the two sides nor the bulk of the center section, were performed. a great test!

I guess my wife and I must be as light as a cloud??????? then I would not need a mattress!!!; The test verdict, reported to me, unilaterally determines a rea1 sag.

Out of the blue Penney????????s declared it is within ????????in tolerance????????, this according to the expert, he does not study any thing else and it is determined that it is not in excess to be covered under warranty.

When we purchased the mattress at Penney????????s we were not notified or warned that the mattress would sag, just bragging about the 10 year Sealy Warranty, and Penney????????s proudly presented it as such...

Since I was unsatisfied with the response, I complained??????? they sent another ????????expert????????. He tells us Oh! Yes that is quite a sag!, but there is a stain here on the side. The stain was not there on pthe previous test one just three months prior and nowhere near the sagging area.. Now the report is blames the warranty being void because there is a small stain on the edge!!.... ????????well there is a stain, that voids the warranty????????!!!

The attitude that has become evident is to try desperately to find a reason to void the warranty??????? rather than to try and see what can be done. Great attitude to keep any customer happy. I have little doubt that somewhere in the 7pt. warranty form there is something that covers just about every contingency.

As a side note, I called Sealy, and the receptionist wanting to direct the call to the right person asked me what was the issue, I did not get past the word sag and hump and she said Ahh! that must be the King size model such and such!!!, I was amazed.

Fascinating excuses, greatly written, bottom line Penney????????s responds scantily, it is NOT OUR problem, Sealy denied it and there is nothing we can do because it is now conveniently ????????Sealy????????s Warranty????????


Well, my wife of 46 years and I, weigh145 lbs for her and I 194 lbs for me, we now sleep separately on the same bed!!! Standard seduction now has to either be in a hotel or in guest room!! Heck of a solution!

And with no recourse, we are glad we had our children in time, and in those days, collapsing mattresses were not yet on the market!!

In frustration I reached the ????????Head of Customer Service???????? a Mr.D???????. who claims his job is to report directly to the Chairman, I wonder what this guy????????s yearly corporate bonus is!! I do not wish to slander this highly polite, correct and righteous functionary.

He was clearly uptight, hid behind the story and when I requested a copy of the reports, correspondence and file on this matter and to please enclose a copy of the applicable Warranty and the fine print, he politely suggested I should get it on the Internet. I suggested that since he new about it being on the internet he could easily find it and downloaded and added it to the Package I was requesting.

Begrudgingly he agreed to my request, BUT it has been over 2 months and surprise surprise, nothing from Penney????????s.

The conclusion I have reached is that Penney????????s with whom my family has done business since 1964, has fallen to the levels of others who have since disappeared. I guess it is the New American Business Standards.

It is a disgrace, and in essence I was told to get lost!!!

Of course I wish to reciprocate and hope I can help them to get lost by my helping the public and in my lifetime see both Sealy and Penney????????s precede me??????? in getting lost!!.

A $2,000.00 squabble that has cost them probably $400 so far, and that could have been split between Sealy and Penney????????s, will now be reported, will be known, will cost both Sealy and Penney????????s our family????????s business and at least ???? of our friends who will take undoubtedly their future business elsewhere.

Ex purveyors to my friends and family Stand behind Principles and their products, to both of you Sealy and Penney????????s, have a successful future ,,, without us.

H. Henry Hirsch

3732 Nimble Cr

Huntington Beach Ca, 92649



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