Ben Mohr - Ben Mohr, Financial Advisor, did not honor his agreement

Posted on Monday, December 27th, 2010 at 3:57pm CST by affedbf0

Product: Financial Advisor

Company: Ben Mohr

Location: 141 Seville Place
San Ramon, Ca, 94583, US

Category: Other

This FA, Ben Mohr, in San Ramon, CA 94583, did not honor a contract that he entered into with us. I just wanted anyone who is considering doing business with him to know this before walking in his door. I figured I would save you time and potentially your money in letting you know what kind of advisor this is. No ethics. No respect for the integrity of a legally binding agreement. I would not do business with Ben Mohr.

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185d62dd, 2011-07-14, 06:25PM CDT

In response to complaint,I provide the following statement. The company I hired was called Pro 2 Pro Network.

Two years ago I hired his company to help set up appointments between me and CPAs in the Bay Area. It was understood that his company would set up a minimum of 4 appts each month and that it would be with CPAs who dealt directly with retired or pre-retirees and were interested in joining forces with a retirement planner.

After a few appts it became clear that most of these appts were set up under false pretenses, many of the people were tax preparers not CPAs and many worked directly with businesses not individuals, and most had really no idea why I had shown up, they actually thought I was a potential client looking for tax advice!

When I complained to Pro 2 Pro I was told that I had to pay up or they would sue for three times the amount that was owed, and they also had access to my bank account. My only recourse was to close down my bank account. Another client of Pro 2 Pro from San Diego had filed a complaint on Rip Off report and Pro 2 Pro blamed me for the complaint, so to get even they filed false claims against me on several sites trying to ruin my reputation. I never took legal action because they are a corporation owned by another corporation and are based in Pennsylvania. Several lawyers told me it would costs thousands to sue and because I was from another state and suing a corporation I pretty much would never see a dime so I just moved on with life.

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