Tracfone Wireless, Inc. - Tracfone Customer Service Issue

Posted on Sunday, December 26th, 2010 at 8:43pm CST by ed802059

Product: TracFone Wireless, Inc.

Company: Tracfone Wireless, Inc.

Location: 9700 N.W. 112th Avenue
Miami,, FL, 33178, US

Category: Other

My daughter bought a new phone from the tracfone website and it did not work. She has been a Tracfone customer for many years and wished to stay with Tracfone. She called customer support and after 3 hours of trying to fix her phone, they agreed to send a new phone. The phone arrived but it was a different model and it was reconditioned. She asked me to call and I was on the phone for almost 2 hours and the same thing occurred. I was assured they would send the right phone but they sent another wrong model and reconditioned phone. Now she wants a refund and customer support says she needs to pay the shipping for the original phone and the two replacement phones. I spent over an hour the day before Christmas and the day after Christmas telling customer support that they needed to send a prepaid envelope or shipping label but they say that goes against policy.

I am an assistant superintendent of a public school in PA and we deal with policy all of the time but we also believe in people over policy. We were in the process of ordering 50 prepaid phones but I am stopping that order to Tracfone due to the customer service I have witnessed. For $5-$10 I am holding $90 retail dollars of your merchandise and you are losing 50 new plans and phone sales. Tracfone's customer support people can't make leadership decisions and thier policies are flawed.


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