Lia Rardin - Unethical Lawyer

Posted on Saturday, December 25th, 2010 at 11:36pm CST by 99acd990

Product: Lia Rardin, attorney at law

Company: Lia Rardin

Location: 7557 Rambler Road, Suite 810
Dallas, TX, 75231, US


Category: Other

I would not recommend attorney Lia Rardin of Dallas Texas as she scammed me out of more than $1,400. She had done very little legal work in a case I was involved with. She told me I owed her the funds in cash and would not let me pay with a credit card. When I asked Ms. Rardin to present the hours she had worked on the case, she refused to do this and demanded the cash.

I felt that if I did not pay up to Lia Rardin's shakedown, she would take me to court and I would end up having to hire an attorney and this would end up costing me even more. I eventually paid the money and per her demands. I would advise anyone needing an attorney to stay away from attorney Lia Rardin of Dallas, Texas as she is the worst kind of shyster lawyer and you would want to avoid her or possibly be subject to one of her well orchestrated shakedowns.

If anyone else has been subject to attorney Lia Rardin's shakedown, I would advise them to file a complaint with the State Bar of Texas. If they get enough complaints on her, I believe they will eventually take some action and hopefully she will be disbarred. I do not believe she will stop her shyster ways until she is disbarred from the Texas State Bar.


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