United Parcel Services - Unprofessional delivery service by UPS

Posted on Friday, December 24th, 2010 at 1:33am CST by e352f611

Product: delivery service

Company: United Parcel Services

Location: UPS Australia P/L - Sydney (Main Office) Bldg 3, 14A Baker St Botany
Sydney, NS, 2019, AU

URL: http://www.ups.com/

Category: Other

I have placed an order with your supplier on 16th of Dec 2010, and paid

the money with in 10 minutes of deal via PayPal to make sure that I

receive my shipment on time., The supplier entered all the information

and prepared the package to ship and instructed UPS Chinato pick up the

goods on 17th of Dec 2010. Apparently UPS Chinain Shenzhendid not pick

up the goods well until following Monday 20th dec 2010. You can imagine

how bad the courier company will be if they do not pick up a parcel well

after 3 days on promise date to pickup.

I was given tracking number and I was checking constantly online the

status of the shipment,on 21 of Dec 2010 in the morning I checked that

shipment is waiting for custom clearance, and as my pervious experience

in the delay for custom clearance, I rangUPS customer service center(on

131877), they told me that parcel has been arrived in Australia and

waiting for custom clearance,I told them that if the parcel cleared same

day afternoon I will pick up the parcel from your depot. In the

afternoon around 4:00PM I checked the web site and see that parcel has

been cleared from customs. So I rang the customer service again to find

out the opening hours of depot for the pick up, at that time I was told

goods has not been arrived in Australia yet.So I said the customer

service staff thatin the morning I was told that goods are arrived in

Australia, so who is given the correct information, the lady in the

morning or himself, he said he can only give the information what he saw

on the system and that is that shipment has not been arrived in

Australia yet.Then I spoke with his supervisor named Jason Pital , and

told him that since parcel has not arrived in Australia , I will not be

picking up the parcel myself so please arrange the delivery at the

original delivery address and that parcel is very urgent and please make

sure that driver do the delivery as early as possible , he promised me

to do so and to follow up himself

On 22 Dec 2010 , I rang around 20 times to UPS customer service number,

all the times calls routed to their call center in Philippines or India

, where every time I was given a different story.

Initially they told that delivery driver will deliver the goods between

9 AM to 5 PM.

When I asked them for various occasion for contact number for local

office so I can talk directly with person in-charge of the dept and find

out the right situation, they told me that there is no local number to

contact, I do not understand that a company registered in Australia and

doing business in Australia does have local address , does not have a

local number, however they promised me that some one will ring me from

the local deport / office,. I did received a call from a fake local

number just to listen to a lie that driver will deliver by 5:00 PM.

On various occasions when I was ringing the Call center 131877 , I was

told different delivery hours from 9: 00 AM to 5:00Pm then it changed to

9:00 AM to 6:00 PM and then to 7:00 PM and finally they told me that

delivery can not happen on day, every one has promised me whole day,

just because delivery driver was failed to pass by my street.

Now I had day off from my work to receive this parcel because UPS can

not give any fix time from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM , so I have to wait whole

day at home for the delivery.But despite various calls and explaining to

UPS staff that time is money and they should make sure I received the

parcel on promised time frame, nothing has happens. Only thing I have

notice that UPS staff at call center are very professional in lying to

customers and given them wrong information and creating as much

frustration as possible for customers, We have used DHL and TNT in the

past so many times and never have any problem with them , we always able

to talk to local staff and they resolved any issues we have. This is

just UPS who act in this extremely unprofessional manner . The Staff of

the UPS has told me so many lies that it is hard to believeit is an

reputable company. Despite so many lies and false promises I m still

waiting for my shipment to be delivered.

Now I just told from my supplier that someone with the name of John has received the package and signed.

However there is no one named John live in my house and we have not seen anyone from UPS to us, so GOD knows where their driver delivered the goods.


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