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Posted on Thursday, December 23rd, 2010 at 4:17pm CST by a5f131b6

Product: Transportation Logistics

Company: Global Tranz

Location: po BOX 71730 Phoenix, AZ 85050
Phoenix, Az, 85050, US


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Since I have joined Global Tranz as an agent roughly 2.5 years ago they have gone back on several promises and have declared the contract that I signed with them no good. About a year ago they took it upon themselves to reduce truckload profit split from 50 to 40 percent..................regardless of the fact that agents had contracts stating they were due 50%. Then, since they are hurting for cash they decided to take it one step further and declare all contracts null and void. They drafted up a new contract which puts much more money in their pockets as it takes away from the small to mid size agent and only rewards the top 10 %.

If you are considering joining Global Tranz I urge you to re-consider as they will make you feel really warm and fuzzy when you fly out to Phoenix and sit with them for a few days. They will also tell you that they have great customer service which is the furthest from the truth. I have lost several customers due to their requests for accounting adjustments being ignored for over two months by the accounting department.

There are about 12 of us disgruntled agents that keep in touch and we have decided to form a sort of union so that we can warn future prospects and also fight for the money that is being taken from us. There will be a blog/twitter or some place where present agents can submit complaints and where new prospects can get advice at some time in early 2011. Trust me when I say that Global Tranz does not want agents talking to each other and that is exactly what we are going to do. Sign up on this website to be notified about all Global Tranz issues and be looking for more information about this movement in early 2011.


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c641164f, 2012-04-16, 07:50PM CDT

Hey Guys,

I am currently a successful inside sales rep with Echo Global Logistics and Global Tranz seemed like a good fit. Since you are all transportation professionals do any of you have suggestions on what my next move should be if I would like to make more than 21% GP for my salary? I had a 50k GP/month book.

Hugh S., 2013-04-05, 12:54PM CDT

This is my letter to the Arizona Attorney General:

This company is perptrating Interstate fraud by forcing third party shippers such as myself to be regulated to a limited scope of shipping classification options, they are then changing the classifications based on their needs and upcharging the back ends of the invoice with amounts with up to three time greater than cost shown up front.

The lost listed above, is one of several with this company, I have suspended all business with them.

I have not stated the other losses as I am currently withholding payment until I find out if I need an attorney to proceed.

Many of my billings have incorrect addresses, and name of ship from locations I have never used nor heard of, when I explained this to them they said it was no big deal.

This company needs to audited by the NTSB and the state of Arizona, they claim to be the largest freight broker in the country yet they have screwed up my small account in the last 30 days more times than I can count.

If they have done this with a small account how many large accounts are they illegally overcharging and getting away with it because the logistics person may not be privy to the facts.

I am a native Arizonian, born in Prescott, I used this company based on the fact is was in Arizona, companies like this give Arizona a bad name. In my investigation of this company I found many complaints that showedinternal abuse of personnel, it appears the problem is not just in illegal over charges but in the company core.

kevin M., 2014-04-21, 07:30PM CDT

We are a 3pl Solution offering LTL portal, Truckload, intermodal and distribution services. We are looking to expand our current agent network and add good people into our sales organization.

John t., 2014-12-24, 10:40AM CST

All the bad things you hear about Globaltranz are true. I lost many customers due to the many errors by billing dept and customer service. Also the fees going up year after year didn't help either. No vacation, no pay, no 401K, no benefits! I was one of the 1st agents and always said the agents need to get a union together to stop having our contracts and things changed on us with no say at all! Contracts were not valid and things that were promised would be forgotten about. The biggest on going joke was you better get that in writing because if it was from one of the Leto boys they wont remember it tomorrow. All they care about is how to make one more dollar, they dont care about employees, customers, or their company image! AVOID this company at all costs you have been warned!

9977cee7, 2015-04-13, 10:27AM CDT

Globaltranz is a horrible company. They lie to their own employees, agents, and investors. They are operating illegally with it's sister company 10-4 systems. Currently reps from 10-4 systems are brokering loads throughs its system from Globaltranz. They hire reps on to build their book and then fire them without paying them commission. They have a horrible invoicing system and management is not qualified to run teams or manage it's staff. Stay far, far away.

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